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Author: Jesse Read

Divine Brown Video Interview

Interview with Juno award winning artist, Divine Brown. “Toronto’s my stomping grounds and I just love the energy here. I love the fact that theres a bit of an east coast flavour that is reminiscent of New York because of the hustle and the bustle and the energy but then there are so many different aspects to Toronto that it’s chill at the same time.” Find more of Divine Brown’s music, upcoming dates, videos and more at Interview shot at Brassaii,...

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T. Thomason Video Interview

Interview with Toronto’s T. Thomason Shot at Brassaii, during Best of Toronto’s 5th year Anniversary. To find info, music and more visit

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Interview with Jiffy Schellenbomb of Anything But

Thanks Jiffy , if that’s even your real name…for doing this interview. Wait first question, is Jiffy your real name or where did that come from? My real name is Jeff, but my friends call me Jiffy. The name evolved through a series of trial and error, mostly error, on the part of my friends. The timeline for this nickname roughly goes: Jif, Jiffers, Jifferson, Jiffy Pop, then Jiffy. I realized Jiffy was a computer science term, and as that’s what I studied in school, it kind of stuck. Anything But is based out of Vancouver, but you were...

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Interview with Skylar Bouchard of Two Socks

Skylar Bouchard has got to be one of Winnipeg hardest working musicians. Find him on social media and you’ll see why. If he’s not playing a gig with his band Two Socks, he’s either doing a solo gig or busking on the street. His passion for music being very apparent in his live performances, he mixes an incredible voice with a knack for story telling. I’ve seen it convince am entire drunken biker bar’s crowd to shut up and listen to what was happening on stage. Skylar had just gotten back from a trip from India when we reached...

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