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Author: Jesse Read

Plethora Video Interview

Interview with Mike Nasso and Gary Walsh of Toronto metal band Plethora. “I want to be a musician so I can get laid, that seems to be going on a lot. Fucking Chris Martin, I’m looking at...

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Sunrise Records to take over 70 HMV locations

In January HMV, Canada’s biggest outlet for physical music sales, declared bankruptcy. Court documents show that the retailer was losing $100,000 a day. But those numbers don’t scare Sunrise Records president, Doug Putnam. Sunrise records plan’s to expand from it’s current ten stores by taking over 70 HMV locations across the country. Stores are planned to open this spring, after HMV liquidates and removes signage. “It’s critical for Canada to have a physical media outlet. To not have that is culturally terrible. I don’t think it gets emphasized enough how culturally important music is. It’s a scary future to...

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