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Billy Talent – Forgiveness I + II (New Single)

Billy Talent – Forgiveness I + II (New Single)

If you’re a Billy Talent fan today is a good day! Without any warning or precursor the rock band originally from Mississauga launched the new track this morning and fans are loving it! With the way the track starts, you’d never guess it was going to lead into a sax solo by the end, you really have to give the whole thing a listen. And the lyric video? Genius! It gives a whole new meaning to watching paint dry, I realized after I blinked and realized what I had just been watching intently for the last (almost) seven minutes. The mixture of colours and movement went beautifully with the bands new rock anthem. I’m actually really glad the video came out as a music video as opposed to a whole production, it really gives you a chance to let the lyrics sink in, and the lyrics are a very powerful statement in themselves, laid over some kick ass music that only Billy Talent could bring. Here’s a snippet 

I scream at the stars, but nobody’s listening
Searching for the end, but the journey’s the reason for existence
It’s tearing at my heart, the secret’s in the distance
Hard to find the truth in the dark when you’re begging for forgiveness”

I’m sure this means the boys are gearing up for big things in 2020, so keep an eye out!



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