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Jesse Stewart & Mike Desj Release New Live Album – Live at call the office!

Jesse Stewart & Mike Desj Release New Live Album – Live at call the office!

Photos by: Chris Forrest

Are you missing concerts yet? During this lockdown we need all the music we can get and by tomorrow Jesse Stewart & Mike Desj will have just given us a whole new live album to listen to! You can pretend that you’re right at this raucous performance without having to leave your couch, and trust me you’ll feel the raw energy from the night seeping through your speakers. If you’re a fan of Canadian folk punk, you’re going to want to set aside an hour this weekend to give it a spin!

Jesse Stewart is a solo mandolin artist, originally from Campbell River, British Columbia but has now located to no fixed address. Now that’s punk! Jesse found internet fame by accident back in 2014 when, with the help of some Eastern Canadians, Jesse figured out the lyrics to Donnie Dumphy’s song Cry Tunes. After a few beers and a backyard group jam, the bluegrass cover “Cold Beer” was born. The best part of this story is that Jesse didn’t even know he was being recorded, let alone being uploaded to Youtube and about to go viral. He wasn’t aware it was on the internet until he got a knock on the his door from a friend telling him he was on the front page of Reddit. Millions of views later (its at over 10 Million views at this point) and an appearance on Season 9 of Trailer Park Boys and Jesse is still on the road touring coast to coast to coast bringing his brand of folk punk to festivals, music venues & DIY spaces.

Playing double bass with Jesse is Montreals Mike Desj. A multi-instrumentalist, who has played with many bands all across the country. You’ll catch him playing a solo set on banjo that will get
everyone movin’ with his tunes about life, love, death and dinosaurs!

The album was recorded at Call The Office, a long-running, no-frills nightclub known for its eclectic calendar of live music performances, back in February before the world turned into the crazy place that it is today and boy oh boy am I glad they had this one recorded, because who know’s when live music is going to happen again at this point? Ben Andress of Blacktop Records told us “The energy in the room was unreal. It was the first time Jesse and Mike hit London and the show was just packed. I’m so glad that that night has been preserved forever and available for all to hear. It was a party.” And from the sounds of it, it was one hell of a party! I’m actually a little jealous (ok maybe a lot jealous) that I wasn’t there, I could sure go for some good folk punk right about now and hearing this really makes me want to check Jesse’s show out the next time he’s in the area. Mike Desj said ” London was a blast and I can’t wait to be able to play their again!” so I might just be in luck when I’m allowed outside again. I’ll be looking forward to hearing that gravelly voice belt out the raw emotions that can be heard on this album, backed by some great mandolin playing.  The album features 10 tracks, ending with the song that took Jesse viral, Cold Beer. The whole album drops tomorrow, which happens to also be a day where Bandcamp is giving 100% of the profits to the artists, so buy that shit! It’s a pretty rad thing that Bandcamps got going right now PLUS it’s a pretty rad live album so it’s win win. Oh and if that wasn’t enough reason to buy the album, the album features their cover of I’m So Tired written by Fugazi and all licensing fees from that one are being donated to ARK Outreach in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada!

If you want to find more of Jesse Stewarts music follow him on facebook at

And to hear future releases from Blacktop Records head to



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