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Houston we have a problem, and his name is Atay – New album “You Deserve the Moon”

Houston we have a problem, and his name is Atay – New album “You Deserve the Moon”

Hailing from Halifax, N.S., the rap artist known as Atay comes through with his new album ‘You Deserve the Moon’. And let me tell you if we deserve the moon he deserves the galaxy, creating a wonderfully fun and equal parts sad journey through space and time. You Deserve the Moon is out now.

This is Atay’s (frequently of rap duo Atay and JAX) first solo project since grouping up with his best friend and rap partner JAX and his so far lengthiest solo project yet. After listening to the album over the past few days it’s clear the young rapper came out with something to prove, a chip on his shoulder. After having made a name for himself in Eastern Canada Atay’s next target is the rest of Canada.

Coming off a successful duo project with JAX entitled ‘Last Night’ the 2 pride themselves on having fun and comedic lyrics while still creating music you can relax and have a chill time to. But don’t let that dissuade you from thinking that these 2 know how to rap. Delivering dope lyrics while flowing in the pockets, the pair show that they are not to be underestimated.

Being the first Atay project I’ve listened to I went in expecting a hip hop album and while everything circled back to hip hop I was surprised to hear that there was much more to this Nova Scotian rapper than I had previously thought. There were many catchy songs with more pop elements than anything else, there were definitive pop-punk influences on some tracks and he even occasionally ditched rapping for a more emotional and personal R&B sound. All the while maintaining an overall fun and easy to listen to project that had a sci-fi theme woven throughout. It even sampled star wars blasters!

‘I’m Back’ is the first track and it really serves as a big F you (literally) to all the negative things in life. The things that bring us down. But not Atay, he’s gonna keep having a great time in life and yelling fuck you to everything else.

As a stark contrast to the last track, Atay comes in with this more melodic and heartfelt sound on ‘You Lie Too Much’. Singing about the troubles that we’ve all had in relationships. All coming from a place of caring too much and having too much love to give.

Switching things up once again on ‘Twelve 30’ Atay and JAX deliver a hard hitting, bass booming hip hop track. One of the most traditional rap tracks on this album filled to the brim with confident ego rap the pair deliver comedic verses about girls, money and drugs. Oh and he’s out now but free Kodak.

‘Hate it All’ is a return to the more emotional heartfelt side of Atay but through a hip hop sound this time. Rapping about the time after a relationship has just ended and the pain that comes from it. The regrets, the jealousy and the memories.

On ‘You All Say The Same Things’ Atay shows off his ability to rap on beat and skip in the pockets while the high hats are snapping. Featuring artist Sunsetto (another NS native) the pair create a laid back vibe that you could have a chill Friday night to.

Definitely the banger of the album, ‘Vitamins’ comes in with the heaviest bass and a great chorus from BABA NO BABY. Atay follows up being a big contrast to the chorus and delivers a hard verse followed by another great feature from Mayo Carter. Toronto represent! All together the 3 create one of the most enjoyable tracks of the album.

The most straightforward and purely rap track of the album is easily the hardest track on the album. ‘Redhead Freestyle’ still features the comedic lyrics that we come to expect from Atay but not without his fair share of hard bars.

‘I Pretend Somtimes’ is the most sincere and passionate track of the album and coming right after the heavy hitting 808’s of Redhead Freestyle it hits even more. Rapping about heartache Atay illustrates a feeling we all know too well. Pretending we’re fine when we’re not. Being the most emotional track on the album it really let’s us in and get a glimpse of the real Atay.

On ‘No More’ Atay raps about the loss of feelings after the heartache and the attempts at re-establishing what once was. But sometimes there’s no way of doing it no matter how much we want it or how many times we try. With another JAX feature that keeps along with the heartbreak themes of the past few tracks we see the duo showing another side of themselves together. Despite not sounding like them this track inexplicably reminds me of sum 41.

Next up is my favourite track. ‘Lost in Space’. Atay makes a return to singing on the chorus and it features probably my favourite instrumental on the album. That with the genuine and relatable verses that Atay delivers comes together for a really special song. Ending with samples from the mission control centre we seamlessly transition to the final track.

‘Stars’ is the final song on the album and is easily the saddest. Rapping about hard times and wanting what you can’t have Atay leaves the listener with an eerie and empty feeling walking away from it. Coming from feelings of desire that we all feel it really hits home and sends the album off well.

Out now on all streaming platforms stream Atay’s ‘YOU DESERVE THE MOON’



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