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Roki Releases The One

Roki Releases The One

It hurts when you watch someone you love hurt. You wish you could help them bear the pain, and reassure them they are loved no matter their struggles. That’s what alternative pop artist Roki wrote her song “The One” about.

“I wanted to reassure that person that it’s okay to hurt, it’s okay to be human, I will still love you for you and I will be here for you, and hope that that person feels the same for me.”

Roki enlisted the help of Canadian rock/pop producer Ben Kaplan to bring “The One” to life. She didn’t want to hold myself back by putting any rules or limitations on the creation of this song.

“I just wanted to sing from the heart and let whatever happened, happen. It’s from my forthcoming EP called Lovable, which sums up this batch of songs pretty well I’d say. We are all lovable, and they are written from a place of peace, happiness, love or wanting to make a relationship work.”

About Roki

Alternative pop artist ROKI, started writing and producing music at a young age as a creative outlet, and later headed up multiple bands. After taking a brief hiatus from music to pursue her love of filmmaking, she returned, producing new tracks with Ben Kaplan (Mother Mother) and Winston Hauschild (Wanting Qu). During the process of recording her debut solo album, she experienced the greatest changes and challenges of her life, becoming a mother, while losing her own. The latter spun her into a darker state, unsure how to process her grief she poured herself into her music.

ROKI released her debut album MOTHER April 22, 2022. The first week it launched to radio, the MOTHER album hit #17 most added new music to non-commercial North American radio stations, since then it’s been charting in several cities across North America. Post album, ROKI released 3 music videos with the most recent video ‘Willing’ amassing over 57,000 views. ROKI is currently in the process of working on her second album with producer Cole Friesen (The Matchstick Skeletons), set to release 2024.



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