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2023 Prism Prize MVP Project Recipient, The Moon & I, Releases Highly Anticipated Video for Dark Indie-Pop Single, “Ocean Heart”, From Debut EP, “Apperception”

2023 Prism Prize MVP Project Recipient, The Moon & I, Releases Highly Anticipated Video for Dark Indie-Pop Single, “Ocean Heart”, From Debut EP, “Apperception”

Montreal-based Alternative Indie artist, The Moon & I, is a brilliantly creative singer-songwriter and producer who creates immersive, emotionally charged sonic experiences using cinematic waves of sound and poignant lyrical storytelling. Fresh off of the release of his debut EP, “Apperception” on Friday, September 29th, The Moon & I, routinely draws comparisons to components of the artists that have influenced him most, including Radiohead’s sonic tapestry and James Blake’s emotive lyrics. With features in Le Canal Auditif, CultMTL’s Top 100 Songs, the award-nominated series “Good Trouble”, and on CBC Radio Montreal, The Moon & I has been making a name for himself both at home and beyond. Just this year, the artist was awarded the 2023 Prism Prize MVP Project grant – a video production grant designed to support emerging artists in partnership with the RBC Foundation, and administered by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. Classically trained as a pianist since the age of 6, the multi-instrumentalist first began releasing music in 2020, and just last month released his debut album, “Apperception”. Thematically based around the concept of apperception: the mental process in which ideas are understood based on an individual’s own experiences – the EP relays the unique journey of The Moon & I in processing his personal realities. This year, singles from the project have been consistently released according to the lunar calendar, near every full moon. In keeping with that pattern, The Moon & I has just released “Ocean Heart”, an emotional song about a failing relationship during a time of mental health struggles, along with its Prism Prize MVP Production grant awarded video.

“Ocean Heart” was written by The Moon & I and was produced with local Montreal, multi-platinum producer, Hypnotic Beatz, marking the first time the artist has ever partnered with another producer on his solo work. 

About The Video:
The video for “Ocean Heart” paints the story of a couple navigating the storm of a mental health episode. Through dream-like dance sequences, the woman’s inner turmoil is vividly portrayed as she battles her mental health crisis and shows her reluctance to get help by fleeing from a metaphorical entity. As an encroaching darkness consumes her world, a beam of light offers hope, weaving itself throughout to help guide the couple toward each other. Alternating between the joyous early days of their relationship and its painful decline, the video reveals the depth of their connection and the challenges they’ve endured. As the music crescendos, the couple finally reconciles, embracing with newfound understanding, hope, and compassion.

About “Ocean Heart”:
An immersive and enveloping sonic experience, “Ocean Heart” offers a dark, cinematic wave of sound that compliments its lyrical content. With a compelling, Hip-Hop derived beat layered against the swell of multiple pianos and skillfully crafted synths, the song features a haunting vocal performance by The Moon & I that tells the tale of confusion as a relationship fails when one partner opposes help for their mental struggles. Driven by melody, “Ocean Heart” began as a piano ballad in which The Moon & I could express his thoughts. After multiple iterations, the artist partnered with local producer Hypnotic Beatz to add a new, creative twist to the track. Brimming with mesmerizing sonic textures, “Ocean Heart” ebbs and flows with urgent mystery, pulling listeners in with every chord change and new addition to the song. Through his lyrics, rhythm, and melodies, The Moon & I conveys a disorienting world of disconnection by mirroring the emotional impact of the song with the creative intensity of its sound.

“Ocean Heart” is the final single off of “Apperception”, the debut album from The Moon & I. “”Ocean Heart” represents best what I strive for: songs with art pop sensibilities and emotional storytelling that still have mainstream listenability. It’s an exercise of tension and release that builds toward something unexpected, and hidden beneath the veneer lies a story of a troubled, failing relationship that slowly reveals itself.” – The Moon & I

“The Moon & I” is the moniker of Montreal-based singer-songwriter and producer, Eric N. A classically trained pianist, the independent artist is known for his cinematic, emotional, and introspective brand of alternative music. Drawing inspirations from artists like James Blake and Radiohead, “The Moon & I” blends pianos, synths, and emotive vocals to create a sound that is at once intimate and grandiose.

His critically acclaimed songs established him as one of the most exciting new artists on the scene (“Most blogged about artists on HypeMachine”, “Best Montreal Songs on Cult MTL magazine”). His music has been on regular rotation on Radio-Canada and was also featured on Hulu TV. He’s been awarded grants by SOCAN/TD, RBCxMusic, and Prism Prize’s MVP Project for video production. His latest EP ‘Apperception’ was released on Sept 29, 2023.



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