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New Ones at Noon E04: Featuring Silk Tonic, Shred Kelly, and Born Ruffians

New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E04: Featuring Silk Tonic, Shred Kelly, and Born Ruffians

Summer Time by Silk Tonic

Silk Tonic is an indie rock/pop duo from Montreal consisting of Matthew Brouillet and Mark Hodges. The two have been creating music together since they were kids, getting together after school to play covers of their favourite songs, and their new single Summertime is just as heartwarming as that story. This is Summertime by Silk Tonic. 

Roman Candle Eyes by Shred Kelly

Shred Kelly is a five-piece alt-rock band straight out of the Canadian Rockies. I’m not sure exactly where, their Facebook page and website both say “Canadian Rockies” – so I assume they emerged from the forest like bears. I’m certainly glad they did though because they just released a great song called Roman Candle Eyes, here it is. 

Breathe by Born Ruffians

Toronto indie-rock trio Luke Lalonde, Mitch DeRosier, and Steve Hamlin are Born Ruffians. Juice is the band’s latest album and is by far the most polished album the three have released and it’s great through and through. They band eluded in an interview that this might be the last “straightforward rock n’ roll” album the band will write. The implication being that the next sound the band is after is something they haven’t tried before. Looking forward to it guys. This is Breath by Born Ruffians. 



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