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New Ones at Noon E05: Featuring Queens and Kings, Lauren Carson, and All the Time Everywhere

New Ones at Noon E05: Featuring Queens and Kings, Lauren Carson, and All the Time Everywhere
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You Got Me by Queens and Kings

First up let’s talk about Queens and Kings, not the ones in England that may or may not turn out to be lizard people. Well just have to see. The Queens and Kings I’m talking about are the post-punk garage rock duo from Toronto, Canada. 

I don’t personally know what post-punk garage rock means but I can tell you if you’re a fan of Metric or Jack White there’s a good chance you’re going to like Queens and Kings. This is the band’s 2019 single You Got Me. 

People Watching by Lauren Carson

Described as having a voice that satisfies a craving for “melted butter” Lauren Carson certainly has a voice that should be listened to and appreciated a little bit more. Carson has a voice and a style that speaks to the soul. Lauren actually submitted her earlier track – Morning Coffee, which I suggest checking out but that one is from 2019 too, and I don’t want just present you with music you have heard before. This song, the one from 2020, is called People Watching and it’s arguably a stronger song – in my option at least than Morning Coffee. The lyrics are a bit more complex, but the layers of instrumental details on this track are why I think it’s more exciting. Not sure if exciting is the right word, but we’re all excited by different things… This is People Watching by Lauren Carson. 

Partition by All The Time Everywhere

Let it not be said that skate punk can’t change the world. Well, maybe not on its own, but like all music it’s food for our creative minds at the very least. When I was a kid we made fun of skate punk – or “mall punk” as it was known in the semi-judgmental Toronto scene of the early 2000s. If a career that started out in Skate punk music has led to some new government disclosure of UFO or UAPs or whatever it is out there – three cheers for mall punk. I mean skate punk. Sadly the days of Blink releasing new music that’s actually really good is… less likely than the existence of UFOs at this point. 2020 is weird. That doesn’t mean we’re at a loss for good new skate-punk music though. Like some of the absolute best Canadian skate punk bands, All The Time Everywhere is from the west coast – more specifically from Banff, Alberta. The only place in the world where deer are free to roam luxury fashion boutiques – or so is my understanding. This is Partition by All The Time Everywhere. 



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