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New Ones at Noon E06: Featuring The dead south, Hanna GeoRgas, and heather valley

New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E06: Featuring The dead south, Hanna GeoRgas, and heather valley

House of the Rising Sun by The Dead South

The award winning band The Dead South is one of the most unique sounds to come out of the Canadian scene in the past few years. The band made a pretty big dent in our memory in 2016 with their sleeper hit Hell in Good Company. The song Hell in Good Company was written in 2014 but didn’t make it to the radio – that I’m aware of – until 2016 when the video for Hell in Good Company went more than just a little viral with over 192 Million views on YouTube. 

Now when I say award winning band, The Dead South is no stranger to awards having won the Juno for Traditional Roots Album in 2018 for Illusion and Doubt and again in 2020 for Sugar and Joy.

This is House of the Rising Sun from their new EP This Little Light if Mine / House of the Rising Sun.

Dreams by Hanna Georges

Hanna Georgas is a pop/rock singer-songwriter, based in Vancouver BC. She’s from my hometown of Newmarket ON. She’s exactly my age and I have never heard of her before this week. I’m on top of my shit ladies and gentlemen. Definitely didn’t smoke too much pot when I was in high school… It’s a big world out there everyone. Well, I’m happy I’ve found Hannah’s music today because it’s a fresh dose of some good music. Georgas’ new song Dreams is moody but reassuring, and reassuring is good. This is Dreams by Hanna Georgas. 

Emily by Heather Valley

Heather Valley is a singer/songwriter based on Hamilton, Ontario. I had the chance to meet heather on Livestream a while back – you can check out that full interview at Heather Valleys Music describes another otherworld of heartbreak, a mysterious universe with a landscape carved by lost love and longing, big skies, heavy clouds above clear horizons, unending roads, con men and grifters, lovers and ghosts. Her new song is called Emily. 



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