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New Ones at Noon E07: Featuring James Alphonse, PINEO & LOEB, and ELYSE Saunders

New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E07: Featuring James Alphonse, PINEO & LOEB, and ELYSE Saunders

If you watch the news it’s hard to believe anything good can come from 2020 but if you listen to this show you’ll know lots of great things in the form of music have already come out of this year. And while they don’t make up for everything that sucks, it certainly helps make this thing called life more worthwhile. 

What Are We Doing Here by James Alphonse

James Alphonse is an R&B/Pop singer-songwriter from Hamilton, Ontario. His sound is uplifting even when it’s a little heartbroken. Alphonse’s new track What Are We Doing Here comes from that confusing moment in a relationship when you realize you might not be on the same page. I got a chance to sit down with James Alphonse last week and discuss his new track and how being true to his creative self got him to where he is today. 

James was a pleasure to interview – this is the new track from James Alphonse, available on iTunes, Spotify and GooglePlay as of tomorrow morning (August 11, 2020)… that’s right this is a premier and the only place you can hear James’s new track until tomorrow is on this show. We’re not even adding it to the Dropout Radio play-list until tomorrow. Introducing James Alphonse’s newest track What Are We Doing Here.

Free by Pineo & Loeb

Pineo and Loeb have been blueing the lines between genres for a few years now. The DJ duo from Halifax Nova Scotia has a new track out now called Free and I’m super pumped that I stumbled on this one. The horns alone are spectacular. I wanted to play this one this week because I think it’s important that we keep in mind what freedom means. It’s not about if we feel forced to wear masks. First off no one is forcing you to wear anything. At all. Be naked at home all you want. For sanitation purposes, we all seem to agree that pants are standard. So, now masks are too. What’s the big deal? Anyways, that’s my mask rant.. there ya go. Here’s Free by Pineo and Loeb.

Free by Elyse Saunders

This is Free by Elyse Saunders. That’s right I’m straight up doubling down on the whole freedom thing for the show, I won’t rant again though… Elyse Saunders is a country artist from Toronto Canada. Not sure how that worked out exactly but I’m certainly glad it did. I’ll be dead honest, it takes me a minute to get into country music most of the time, and it usually only takes if I’m actually riding in a pickup truck. So like maybe twice? Elyse Saunders’s new song – Free – is not your average country. Saunders describes country music as feeling like home. 



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