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New Ones at Noon E11: Featuring Paige Warner, Zoe Xandra and Funeral Lakes

New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E11: Featuring Paige Warner, Zoe Xandra and Funeral Lakes

Welcome to Dropout Entertainments Weekly New Music Mondays Podcast. Visit for more independent Canadian new music!

People Pleasin’ by Paige Warner

Paige Warner started her career as a local busker in Waterloo Ontario. We actually had Paige on the show – you can check out episode 8 if you want to hear my previous New Music at Noon interview with Paige. In that interview we talk about People Pleasing – Warner’s new track, the one I’m going to share with you today – Warner talks about the song as the switch in herself as an artist. The struggle a lot of artists face when creating is the decision to create for others – what people expect or want – to create for yourself because you love it because you need to create something. I think that’s something any creative person can relate to. Here’s Paige Warners’ New song – in full – People Pleasein’. 

For more information on Paige Warner visit:

Air by Zoe Xandra

Next up on the podcast, we have new music from Zoe Xandra, a former Toronto singer/songwriter is now based out of Guelph Ontario. When we do these shows, sometimes we get an album or an EP with multiple songs to choose from, there are some great tracks on TMI by Zoe Xandra but we had to choose Air in this case. It’s probably not the most traditional radio-sounding-pop song – but it’s raw, exceptionally written, and composed and worth focusing on. I got a chance to chat with Xandra about her new EP TMI and her new song, Air.

For more information on Zoe Xandra visit:

Power Trip by Funeral Lakes

Next up we have a New Music at Noon Podcast premier – not a preview this is a full premier, you can only hear it on this show until September 9 – that is when the new EP Golden Season by Funeral Lakes drops. I like to provide you guys with some background on the band when we premier a song. Funeral Lakes is a duo that is a partnership in life and music, which is nice, but more nice is the couples PASSION for the environment. Funeral Lakes describes their music as their way of voicing their own frustrations over the continuous – and ludacris – damage we’re causing to our own environment. So for each fact I tell you about Funeral Lakes, I will also include a fact that is proven by Science about climate change that you should be concerned about. Then we can all learn stuff and I feel better about doing a music podcast in 2020. So as I mentioned the duo is a partnership in life and music – that’s a pretty saucy fact by itself so, The concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2)​​​​​​​ in our atmosphere, as of May 2020, is the highest it has been in human history – so much for driving less this year. 

Funeral Lakes consist of Sam Mishos, and Chris Hemer, who have been creating music together since 2018. 11% off global carbon dioxide emissions come from deforestation – especially that of tropical rainforests.

Funeral Lakes recorded some of the tracks on this album inside their own apartment. Neat right? Also, those tropical rainforests we’re wiping off the planet? If we could get those bad-boys humming along at full capacity they could yield at least a third of the mitigation action needed to prevent the worst climate change scenarios. This is the new one from Funeral Lakes – it’s a great track – This is Power Trip. 

For more info on how the Earth is on fire, and what you can do visit:

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