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New Ones at Noon E16: The Zolas, Cory Hotline, and Alex leggett

New Ones at Noon E16: The Zolas, Cory Hotline, and Alex leggett
Dropout Radio: New Music Mondays

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I Feel the Transition by The Zolas

The Zolas is an indie rock band from Vancouver British Columbia. The group describes their style somewhere between 80’s post-punk and 90’s alt-rock, I think I read somewhere there’s some Britpop influence in there too which makes sense if you keep it in mind when you listen to these guys. Back in June The Zolas announced they would be releasing a new single every month in a release series the band dubbed “Z Days” following the realization that due to COVID-19 the release of their new album would be pushed back until the fall. The Zolas frontman Zach Gray said this in a statement:

“We were meant to release the first single from our new album as we speak but our mutual friend the virus pushed things back till the fall. There’s this separate little batch of apocalyptic songs, though, that feel perfect for the moment.”

We featured Come Back To Life by The Zolas on Episode 03 of this show, which is available on the podcast – visit iheartradio or wherever you get your podcasts for to check that one out it’s a great song. In the meantime though…

This is the first single from that album, that was punched back – coming out soon on Light Organ Records – this is I Feel The Transition.

For more information on The Zolas music visit:

The Wheel by Cory Hotline

Cory Hotline is an indie-pop rock band from Toronto, Canada described as a cosmic collision of funk, pop, rock, and disco or the kind of band you might expect to see at an especially raucous dance party, but in space.

You may recognize the name Cory Hotline and that’s no mistake, the band was named for an episode of The Simpsons and the infamous Cory hotline that Lisa can’t stop calling. Did that make me want to interview Cory Hotline front-man Matt Warry-Smith more? It sure did.

For more information on Cory Hotline visit:

Down to the River by Alex Leggett

Alex Leggatt is an independent musician from Gananoque ON with over 500 live shows under his belt. His music is often described as electrifyingly-uplifting folk, this song though isn’t that uplifting and if you haven’t heard of Alex Leggett certainly check out his music at Laggett says this started as his anti-Trump song, however as he wrote and life progressed it turned into a song that Laggett says is a f-you song to racism, missinformation and devision in whatever form they take.

Great song, I think it’s important for any American listeners that may have stumbled upon this show to know that Alex isn’t the only artist outside of the United States with an anti-trump song, I don’t think there has been a president that has inspired so much protest music outside of the country they govern. That’s gotta mean something. That is the show you wonderful people you. Thank you for joining me. I’m Ben in Toronto. Visit for your latest Canadian music news and content and don’t forget to connect with us on social media at dropout entertainment. Dropout is licensed to play through SOCAN. This show is available as a podcast on stitcher, apple podcasts, amazon music and iheartradio,. Now back to more independent Canadian music streaming 24/7 this is Dropout Radio. 

For more info on Alex Leggett visit:

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