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New Ones at Noon E19: Zoon, Izabelle, and Jeremie Albino

New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E19: Zoon, Izabelle, and Jeremie Albino

Landscapes by Zoon

Shoegazing first appeared in the late 80’s characterized by an ethereal and often experimental mixture of distorted guitars, sound effects and obscured vocals, when there are vocals. The term first appeared in the British press, and was used to describe the way artists would stand on stage, alone and apart, often with their heads down. Hence, Shoegazing. This weird little sub-genre has been defined over the years by some pretty big names including My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain and influenced by genre-bending bands like Dinorsar Jr and Sonic Youth. But why am I talking about shoe-gazing. Did I get new shoes? Well I did but that’s not why I’m talking about it. Zoon is an indigenous shoegazing artist from Hamilton, ON who is taking the genre itself to new places incorporating traditional indigenous sounds into his compositions for a sound Zoon songwriter/vocalist Daniel Monkman has dubbed “moccasin-gazing”. 

Daniel Monkman the artist behind the Zoon moniker is an indigenous Canadian singer/songwriter from Selkirk, Manitoba who spent the first part of his life growing up in the BrokenHead Ojibway First Nations Reserve. The artist recently made an impression on the Canadian music scene with his new album Bleached Waves, the artist recorded himself at home, during quarantine using only a guitar and a delay pedal. The album is a work of modern musical art and I suggest checking it out end to end when you have the time and let’s face it, you do. The artist premiered his new music video for Landscapes, one of the album’s singles, recently on KEXP music blog. The article called Bleached “Waves rapturous fusion of shoegaze and traditional First Nations music”

Here’s what the artist told KEPX in his interview. 

“Musically, ‘Landscapes’ was a political art experiment that I made about the concerning amount of soul-sucking “jobs” that are only available to people living under the poverty line,” Monkman told the KEXP team. He went on, “When I first moved to Hamilton, Ontario, I could only find factory jobs that were extremely repetitive so I tried to express that in a musical sense. My goal was to create something like a loop of sound to give the listener a sense of madness. Because that’s the reality of those types of factory / assembly line jobs. I saw so much pain in the workers and that stuck with me.”

For more information on Zoon visit:

Self-Talk Sessions by Izabelle

Canadian pop/funk singer Izabelle has just released a French and English version of a music video for her new song Self-Talk Sessions from her most recent album Version 2.0. 

A seasoned music pro on both the business side of things as well as the artist side, Izabelle spent over 15 years in a band, and working as a tour manager.

Inspired from her personal experiences of not being taken seriously, and being told to look a certain way among other unfortunate regular and frustrating encounters, “Version 2.0” is an album about empowerment, stepping forward, and speaking out.

Izabelle says she wanted to “write a song to myself, to tell me to stop overthinking what people think, stop overworking, stop putting so much pressure on my physical appearance”

I sat down on a call with Izabelle and got the chance to ask her about her journey in music and her new single Self-Talk Sessions. 

For more information on Izabelle visit:

Saw That Light by Jeremie Albino

You know how you usually hear about kids who grow up in the country and move to the city, Jeremie Albino was born and raised in downtown Toronto only to have his heart draw him to the country. Jeremie moved to Prince Edward County and spent a decade working on farms, being inspired and perfecting his musical craft. 

The artist’s music is pretty special and hit me hard like that the first time I heard it. Albino makes modern folk tunes with blues inspired edge that can really get going. Saw That Light is Albinos new single and it’s also the last song we’re going to listen to today. Why? Because it’s good and I produce this show myself. 

This is Saw That Light by Jeremie Albino.

That’s a great tune and Jeremie Albino is a great artist. If you want to get into some more of his stuff check out Trouble it’s a really good track too. Helps if you like the late night boozy-blue kinda vibe. Which I do. Aesthetically. 

For more information on Jeremie Albino visit:

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