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New Ones at Noon E21 IndieWeek Special: ACTORS, IndieWeek 2020 Artists, and The Cays

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New Ones at Noon E21 IndieWeek Special: ACTORS, IndieWeek 2020 Artists, and The Cays

Love U More by ACTORS

Love U More is a killer track and for me it invokes more than just a dark street, this song has layers interesting enough to inspire the beginnings of a modern-horror movie soundtrack. I would highly recommend listening to this track while driving at night down the California coastline. I don’t know what you’re doing on the California coast, and frankly judging from the song you’re listening to, I don’t want to know.

For more information on ACTORS visit:

IndieWeek2020 Media Row Feat. Focus Your Audio, Keats Conlon, and Bent Roads Tavern

Indie Week is an annual music festival held over four days/nights, featuring local & international music acts and bands performing in the heart of Toronto, Canada. IndieWeek 2020 was looking like it might not happen but the innovative organization managed to hold an online conference this year, and while the live music was missed by, well everyone misses live music… what was i talking about? Right. Indieweek’s online conference took place last week and Dropout was invited to hang out with some of the artists to chat about music, life in Canada and their experiences as artists in 2020.

For more information on IndieWeek visit:

Palm Tree by The Cays

The Cays is an alternative indie band from Montreal Quebec who’ve recently dropped two new singles June’s Moonlight and Palm Tree. Both songs are great and well worth a listen – we’ll take care of one of those today for you but first a little about the band and it’s only a little because these guys aren’t that easy to find information on. Mostly because a lot of it is in French. The music isn’t by the way. You know, not that there’s anything wrong with that. The Cays is made up of three friends Ghislain Lavallée, Dany Messier and Alex Marion. I love these kinds of band stories. The group started out playing music for fun with no real intention to do anything serious with it and before the three knew it they had something worth recording. This is our last song of the show today. This is Palm Tree by The Cays. 

For more information on The Cays visit: The Cays on Spotify

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