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New Ones at Noon E29: Feat. Astrid Tanton, Jessica Sevier, and Small Town Get Up

Dropout Radio: New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E29: Feat. Astrid Tanton, Jessica Sevier, and Small Town Get Up

Heads Up by Jessica Sevier

Jessica Sevier is a Toronto born multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter and she writes genuinely different music – her music is truly cool – this is genre-bending country and it smashes together heavy old-school country vibes with sounds inspired by pop, blues, rock, and there’s’ even some electro-kinda-funk influences. It’s fun reviewing music in 2021 because genres don’t inhibit artists anymore, rather they just seem to inspire artists to reach a bit farther. Sevier’s music is for this reason very original and – for me at least – it was notably captivating when I heard her stuff for the first time. Like last week. This is Sevier’s new song Heads Up – out now on all the places you get the music things.

For more information on Jessica Sevier visit:

Hey Sister by Small Town Get Up

Small Town Get Up is a 7-piece ska/punk band from Grimsby Ontario, currently based out of Toronto. I have no idea if any of these guys were thinking this way when they got back together – virtually – to make a new album Time and Space, after – according to the band’s Instagram “quitting being a band four years ago”.
Their new album Time and Space is out now. The album was recorded entirely remotely from the band members’ homes during the lockdown, which is just an awesome use of time. Entertainment can save the world you know? There’s a lot of great punky ska tracks on this album and the band does a great job of mixing it up and making it more than another ska album. This is the new single it’s called Hey Sister from Small Town Get Up’s new album Time and Space.

For more information on Small Town Get Up visit the band’s Bandcamp Page here.

Comfort by Astrid Tanton

Astrid Tanton is the last artist I want to share with you today. This Kingston/Toronto based artist has been creating music since she was three years old. I sat down with Astrid recently – at the tail end of last year to talk about her new song Comfort. Tanton is another genre-bending musician and we speak a bit about her influences in our interview. Tanton’s upcoming album is called From My Eyes.

For more information on Astrid Tanton visit:

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