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New Ones at Noon E30: Feat. Kid Koala, Bad Breed, and Grand Splendid

Dropout Radio: New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E30: Feat. Kid Koala, Bad Breed, and Grand Splendid

Future Vibes by Kid Koala

Kid Koala is a Canadian Producer/DJ/Turntable scratch artist based in Montréal, Quebec. If you’ve been around the Canadian electronic music scene for a while – really who hasn’t? – you’ve probably heard of Kid Koala. Also known by his… regular human name, Eric San. San started his music career all the way back in 1994 releasing mixes around his college campus. He released his first mixtape under the Kid Koala monicker in 1996, it was called Scratchcratchratchatch – that was limited to 500 physical copies – so if anyone has a copy of that guy get in touch with me I’d love to digitize that bad boy – somehow – and get a track or two on the station. Kid Koala has been creating art in what can very much be described as his own unique way since all the way back then. 

The artist has released graphic novels to go along with his music. Music to go along with graphic novels. The guy is basically a genius. To get a sense of how important this artist’s work is, San has collaborated with artists including Gorillaz and Deltron 3030 and he’s opened for artists including Radiohead, The Beastie Boys, Arcade Fire and a Tribe Called Quest. Kid Koala has an exceptional catalog and it’s absolutely worth checking out and getting obsessed with. This is the newest track from Kid Koala, it was dropped at the tail end of last year, it’s called Future Vibes. 

For more information on Kid Koala visit:

War With Myself by Bad Breed

Bad Breed is a Toronto based band formed in 2014. The band started out as a hard-edged combination of punk rock and 60s R&B, and is often referred to as a collective due to the revolving door of bandmates and collaborators. Overtime frontman and Bad Breed creative lead, Mike Gribben has evolved the Bad Breed sound – with the help of his collaborators. Currently the group consists of Gribben himself of course, Katherine Marilyn Wilson, Mark Hundevad, Oscar Tang, Maylin Ortega and Brea Scott. 

The newest iteration of the band released a new album in 2020 called Ferocious Love. Gribben describes the album as a “visceral journey from personal tragedy to embracing love and joy” Charting the most pivotal year of the singers life, the album begins with him facing the death of his best friend and partner of many years and then charts his gradual emergence from an extended period of depression to accepting love and joy back into his life. I sat down with Gribben to chat about Bad Breed’s new album Ferocious Love.

For more information on Bad Breed visit:

You Are the Universe by Grand Splendid

Montreal Rock band Grand Splendid is set to release their debut full-length album later this year. In the meantime the band has dropped a new single in anticipation of the new album. The single is called You Are the Universe. Grand Splendid frontman Julian Buchbinder moved to Canada in 2002. He, along with his fellow bandmates Alex Pilla and Daniel Poupart,  released the first Grand Splendid EP, Numbers, in 2014. Interestingly enough the band’s name comes from  – according to Buchbinder – a historical and notoriously beautiful theatre in Buenos Arise that’s now a bookstore. It’s often called the world’s most beautiful bookstore. You can google it. Go check it out, it’s really amazing. This is You Are the Universe by Grand Splendid. 

That was You Are the Universe by Grand Splendid. It’s a beautiful song and in an interview with Montreal Rocks Buchbinder explained he wrote the song after his son was born and his perspective on life changed. And I think that’s pretty cool.

For more information on Grand Splendid visit:

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