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New Ones at Noon E08: Featuring PANOS, Sintia, and Paige Warner

New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E08: Featuring PANOS, Sintia, and Paige Warner

Forget It by PANOS

PANOS is Panos Giannoulis from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Giannoulis released his first album under the moniker PANOS in 2012 and it wasn’t long before the artist secured his very own Polaris Prize in 2013. PANOS’s music could be described as a little post-rock, a little avant-garde, experimental – but all that sounds too technical. I prefer the way the artist describes his music, ‘dreamy-rock’ – that works pretty well. 

Dreams can be optimistic, dreams can be complicated, at times dreams can even be scary, but they sure take you on a journey and that’s what’s cool about dreams. The music of PANOS takes you on a journey as well. His new album City of Light (released August 12, 2020) is a smooth emotional rollercoaster and has kept me company through a particularly long Fortnite update. 

Giannoulis started playing music in the indie band Their Majesties before expanding his musical horizons to jazz, avant-garde and improvised music. You can hear this in his composition – although who knows how much of his music is composed or improvised… That’s an exaggeration, his music is very meticulously composed, however, some wild elements in his songs reflect that essence of improvisation. It’s a raw thing and one of those sounds that connect me to music in the most primal way. 

City of Light is currently available on Bandcamp. You can check it out here

Dirty Streets by Sintia

Sintia is a new Toronto based ‘music project’ fronted by singer/songwriter Sintia Baba. Baba is backed by Brandon Wall, Alex Lakusta and Stefan Hegerat. This band – sorry – this music project is doing some great stuff and it’s well worth a listen. When I say they are new, I mean they are brand new. The group dropped their first track earlier this year. 

The evolution of the band’s sound developed quickly – I say that with no insights into how they write apart knowing the bulk of the songwriting is done by Baba herself. There’s a complicatedly good sound here, and it’s great to hear it.

The band – err music project – describes their music as “ an amalgamation of dance-pop on the bright side countered by a darker alternative influence”. I can say it sounds pretty dope.

This is Sintia’s new song Dirty Streets

Lions by Paige Warner

Paige Warner started her career as a busker, performing on the streets of Waterloo, Ontario. Now she’s an emerging indie artist with her next single being released later this month. So we’ll have that for you when it’s ready. Paige Warner hit the Canadian independent pop/r&b scene in 2018 with her album Revealed. Since then Warner has released a number of singles including her 2019 single Lions. I got a chance to sit down with Warner to discuss her career and get a sneak peek at her new song.

I also asked her about her last single Lions and the inspiration and feeling behind it. Check out Lions here.



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