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Interview with Kendra Kay

Interview with Kendra Kay

Interview with Kendra Kay – Winner of Canada’s Best Independent Country Music Video

Fuel on The Fire is not your average music video, it’s made using clips from your halftime performance at the CFL’s Banjo Bowl. How was the experience of performing in front of 33,000 screaming fans?

Getting the opportunity to play a stadium show was a bucket list moment for me! To hear the roar of over 30 thousand people cheering at the end of my performance gave me instant goosebumps and it’s something I will never forget!

Fuel on The Fire crossed into the top 100 Canada Country National Airplay and spent 17 weeks on the charts. How did it feel to see the single doing so well?

This song has been such a cool song for me – I knew from the moment I heard it that I wanted to record it and put it out and it means a lot that people fell in love with it the way I did! I really am grateful for the radio support I seen with this tune!

 The track features 3x Juno award winner Don Amero, can you tell us how that collaboration came to be?

I knew Don through the Manitoba Country Music scene as we are both Manitobans and I remember the first time I heard him sing I was amazed with his voice! When working on my latest EP, I knew I wanted to bring someone on a track with me and when I decided Fuel on the Fire was the song for that, I instantly knew I wanted to bring Don it!

 Coming from Saskatchewan, I know the banjo bowl quite well, but I can’t say the same for a lot of my friends (and so i’m assuming at least a couple readers) here in Toronto. Can you tell us a little about the Banjo Bowl and why people get so excited for it that it has been sold out for every year since 2005?

The Banjo Bowl in Winnipeg is one of the biggest rival games of the CFL. It’s the annual battle of Manitoba vs Saskatchewan! Being from a border town in Manitoba (only 10 minutes from the Sask border) our little community has always had a controversy between the Blue Bombers and the Rough Riders as most communities across the two provinces do so it’s an exciting time to see the two teams go head to head.

 You’re bringing the traditional sound of country music to modern day listeners. What attracts you to those “traditional” country sounds?

Even from an early age I had a strong appreciation for traditional country music. The way a country song could tell a story and make you feel something so deeply is something that I try to pull into my modern day music to keep the traditional aspects alive.

 As a winner of the Manitoba Country Music Association Female Artist of the Year award, you’re no stranger to the industry. Can you tell us about Manitoba’s current country music scene?

I believe country music in Manitoba is at an all time high. There’s so many strong acts creating such strong music in our province and it’s great to see!

 What are you working on now? What can we expect to hear from Kendra Kay in 2019?

New music!! Most of my time early on this year has been spent song writing and in the studio! I’m excited to get this next chapter out into the world!

 The internet is quickly changing how music is consumed and in turn created. How do you feel about the way that the internet is affecting modern day country music?

I’ve always believed that there are positives and negatives to everything. Although the internet has made it difficult for artists to sell full records, being able to access music at the touch of a fingertip has also given us artists an opportunity to reach listeners worldwide which in turn has really grown the audience of country music listeners in the past decade.

 What do you do when you’re not making music to inspire creativity?

I just try to do the things I love! I enjoy being at home on the farm, riding my horses and spending time with my family. The greatest way to spark creativity for me is to have a refreshed, clear mind and being out in the country (literally in the middle of nowhere) is the best way for me to have that!

 Do you have any advice for other singers looking to follow in your path and share their story?

The biggest thing is to never give up! It’s no secret that this industry can be difficult, but if you stay positive, have the passion and the will to work, it will take you as far as you let it!

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