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Author: Jesse Read

K-os – Stairway to Heaven/Heaven Only Knows live at The Danforth Music Hall

A performance of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven like you’ve probably never imagined. We were going through the vaults and found this gem from 2016 at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall. Remixed with his track “Heaven Only Knows” the Toronto hip hop artist K-os creates a rendition like nothing you’ve heard, including a free style where he mentions the Danforth and fellow Torontonian The...

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Interview with Aaron Grant

Your single “Heartbreak bullet” started getting picked up by one local radio station, and as people kept requesting it, other stations started playing the single. How did it feel hearing yourself on the radio for the first time?     The first time I heard a song of mine on the radio I was actually sitting in the studio at Country 94 in Saint John, NB. We had just finished a live interview and then right after that she played “Heartbreak Bullet”. It was pretty exciting to hear it but the real moment of excitement came a few days...

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Skylar Bouchard – Long Time Running Live

An intimate acoustic performance of The Tragically Hip’s “Long Time Running” by Winnipeg’s Skylar Bouchard. Skylar is going to be touring Canada this summer in support of his new album, “Tired of The City” which has been called “Nothing short of amazing” and “One of the best albums of the year” (The Manitoban). To find a show near you, find his tour dates at...

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Interview with Dan Verner

Last summer, you debuted your first album “From The Fold” to a sold out crowd at your release show. How was that feeling? Since it was my first album, it was something that I was looking forward to for a long-time. To have so many friends and family there to see the show felt really great. The support was fantastic! The album has been featured on CBC radio, how was the experience of hearing yourself on the radio for the first time? I’ve been lucky enough to have had my album featured on CBC radio in Cape Breton, NS...

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Dropout TV Episode 2

DROPOUT T.V’S FEATURED VIDEOS Dropout TV aims to bring some of the best music Canada has and put it all onto one page. We’ll be featuring new music videos, live music and interviews monthly. Click above for an hour of amazing Canadian music, or you can watch the individual videos below. To submit music for future episodes, please submit through the “Submit Video” tab at the top of the site. Incase you missed last month’s post, here’s the first ever episode of Dropout TV below. Thank you so much for watching, and for supporting Canadian music. If you something...

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