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Izabelle’s New Single and Video Self-Talk Sessions

Izabelle’s New Single and Video Self-Talk Sessions

Izabelle is a French Canadian artist from Montreal Quebec who’s just released her new music video for her single Self-Talk Sessions. The song is a statement on learning to be ok with yourself and inspired by Izabelle’s personal experiences. The video is available now on YouTube and the track is available in both French and English on all major streaming platforms.

I think many people can relate to the feeling that you, yourself simply are not good enough. Whatever that means. It’s a fairly unhealthy and unhelpful self-delusion, but it’s still a pretty relatable feeling, so I guess take from that what you will about the world in which we live. Countless sources are constantly confirming our worst fears about ourselves on the regular, that we don’t look good enough, or dress the right way, the list goes on…

Izabelle has been working in the music industry for over 15 years. Previously a member of an honest to goodness girl-bad, this artist has experienced her fair share of people telling her to look and act a certain way. It was this experience Izabelle drew on when she wrote her newest single Sef-Talk Sessions.

Self-Talk Sessions is the first single off of Izabelle’s new album Volume 2.0. Self-Talk Sessions was recorded in both French and English; and pops with a funky 80’s style synth right off the back. What really makes the song is this powerful chorus; and the artist’s delivery of the lyrics throughout.

Full disclosure, I don’t speak French so while I can confirm the French version of the song sounds awesome, I can’t speak to the translation itself.

Izabelle also went as far as to produce two music videos for the track – a French and English version, both of which remarkably were filmed in a single shooting day. Something that should only reaffirm the artist’s inherent ability.

It’s tough being in the world right now. It’s a big place and more stuff is happening all the time, and it’s easy, very easy, to get overwhelmed. If Self-Talk Sessions has a takeaway it’s that ultimately you’ve got one person to answer to in life and that’s yourself. Life is not about what others want you to be, and it never was.

I had the opportunity to sit down for a virtual interview with c on the latest podcast, you can check that out here. For more information on Izabelle visit:



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