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Dropout Entertainment is Canada’s newest voice in Canadian music. Our team is dedicated to – nay, obsessed with – finding awesome new Canadian and sharing it with the world. Now is an awesome time to partner with Dropout Entertainment because we’re positioned for significant audience growth, which means we’re always advertising the Dropout site and connecting with new Canadian music fans all over the world.

Dropout Entertainment have a number of versatile advertising and content sponsorship options available. For more information get in touch below, and tell us about your goals! Audience:

  • Male 51.6% 51.6%
  • Female 48.4% 48.4%

Strongest Age Segment

25 – 35

Second Strongest Age Segment

35 – 44

Audience Interests: 

  • Arts & Entertainment / Celebrities & Entertainment News
  • Arts & Entertainment / Online Video
  • Media and Entertainment / Music Lovers
  • Media and Entertainment / Movie Lovers
  • Green Living Enthusiasts
  • Media and Entertainment / TV Lovers
  • News and Politics
  • Food, Dining / Cooking Enthusiasts

Audience Locations:

Canada has a fantastic music scene and it’s getting more attention that ever before. receives traffic from around the world. Dropout Entertainment is read and and advertised nationally across Canada. Our content is proudly Canadian and made in Canada, always.

  1. Canada
  2. USA
  3. UK
  4. Australia Metrics:

Traffic: 10,000 – 21,000 visitors/mo


Internet Clout:

Dropout Email Newsletter – 10k Subscribers

Facebook – 1.7k Followers

Instagram – 1.8k Followers

Advertising Options

  • Frontpage banner
  • Frontpage sidebar
  • Inside page banner
  • Inside page sidebar
  • Footer on all pages
  • Video Sponsorship
  • Podcast Sponsorship

Advertising packages are available. Get in touch for more information and a free quote!


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