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Video Interview with Matthew Tyler Di Leo of Camo Kimono

Video Interview with Matthew Tyler Di Leo of Camo Kimono

Dropout Entertainment sat down with Matthew Tyler Di Leo of Camo Kimono for an interview in advance of their upcoming show in Toronto, which is the first official show since the band has relaunched. Check it out to learn about the relaunch, the bands history, Matthew’s thoughts on the current music scene and more!

Camo Kimono is performing live at The Horseshoe Tavern tomorrow night, so if you like what you hear make sure to check them out!

About Camo Kimono

Originally formed in 2019 under the name WCS, Camo Kimono is the brainchild of Paul J Doron (Guitar) and Matthew Tyler Di Leo (Vocals).

It wasn’t long before they evolved from jaded punks to alternative rock revolutionaries. Within their original run from 2019-2022, WCS released 3 singles. These singles “Show Me The Light”, “Tears In The Rain”, and “Melancholy” showcased incredibly personal, introspective lyrics overtop genre-shifting rock riffs. What sets Camo Kimono apart from other bands is their high-energy live shows combined with their vast genre-shifting song catalog.

After recording their 1st EP “World On Fire EP” in studio, WCS broke up in November 2022 due to ongoing tensions within the band. In 2023, Matthew Tyler Di Leo and Paul J Doron reformed and began looking for new members, who they found in Dylan Beneteau (Drums) and “Nicky Ace” (Bass).

Shortly after assembling a full lineup, they renamed it under the banner of “Camo Kimono”. This new name reflected the band’s blend of aggressive punk and elegant alternative rock. Combining elements of Punk Rock, J-Rock, Alternative Rock, and Britpop, Camo Kimono is the best band you’ve never heard of.



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Jesse Read is a videographer, writer and editor for Dropout Entertainment. As a musician as well as a videographer, Jesse has travelled the country numerous times, playing alongside and listening to the stories of hundreds of artists. A few of those are documented on this site. For video's, interviews & features follow the contact us tab!

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