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Wayward Saints “Pay No Mind” Live From Rock The Coliseum

Wayward Saints “Pay No Mind” Live From Rock The Coliseum

Wayward Saints performing Pay No Mind, the final song of their set at this year’s Rock The Coliseum in Mississauga. Click above to watch the winners Mississauga Music’s winner of Best New Group perform a kick-ass live version of the tune!   Vocalist Lindsay Coleman says “(It was) one of the hottest days of July, but we had an amazing time playing Rock The Coliseum. The audience was fantastic.”

When asked about Pay No Mind in an earlier Dropout Entertainment interview (which you can read here the band said

“Pay No Mind” was fun to write. Originally the verse riff was intended to be the intro, but there was something about that jangle guitar riff that just grabbed me instantly. I really wanted to play with the offbeat of it vocally to enhance that jangle vibe, and when the guys gave my idea some air, we just ran with it. Aaron our drummer instantly caught on to the swagger, and just like that the intro became the verse. The rest of the song really came together quite quickly. Lyrically, “Pay No Mind” was more introspective when I was writing vs. our first single “In The Wild”. I really wanted to speak to the confidence you need to ignore the fearful voices we all have our heads ya know? Kind of shining a light on how we can trick ourselves into negative patterns if we choose to listen more to our insecurities, rather than simply paying no mind to them.”

Wayward Saints are a Canadian old-school rock 5 piece on a mission to bring the heartfelt spirit of rock back to old and new generations. With influences such as Humble Pie, Allman Brothers, Faces & The Rolling Stones to name a few, they will take you on a journey back in time to the glory years with a fresh stylish command. The band features the powerhouse vocals of Lindsay Coleman, the twin lead and rhythm guitar work of Darren Flower & Justin Bennett, and the tight thunderous rhythm section of Bil Bertram on bass & Aaron Bennett on drums.

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Founded in 2006, Rock The Coliseum (RTC) is Mississauga’s longest running, all-ages, free indie music festival! Produced by Canadian Community Arts Initiative, RTC is a not-for-profit organization based in Ontario. RTC is a celebration of everything positive about the local music community & supports all genres of independent Canadian music.

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