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Soulful Singer-Songwriter Nicky MacKenzie Shares Dreamy New Track “Come Back”

Soulful Singer-Songwriter Nicky MacKenzie Shares Dreamy New Track “Come Back”

Nicky MacKenzie’s forthcoming MORALS EP establishes the 23-year-old BC native as a gifted songwriter capable of both hauntingly poignant restraint and irresistibly catchy pop melodies. By focusing on the universalities that shape us – breakups, self-doubt, nights out – Nicky leaves space for her audience to unpack their own experiences. There is both grit and grandeur on MORALS, showcasing Nicky’s indelible talent for crafting soul-moving songs that linger in the heart, body, and mind.

Following on the heels of previously released tracks “Comfortable” and “Morals,” Nicky is now sharing the chill “Come Back,” created with one of her new producers Herag Sanbalian. Following the themes of MORALS, “Come Back” is about knowing something is bad for you but still returning to it over and over again. The song expresses feelings of vulnerability and self awareness – when you know you’re doing something wrong but you’re stuck in a cycle of hunger and madness.

I actually wrote this song a long time ago before COVID when I was taking audio engineering at school in Vancouver. I was first developing the songwriting styles I knew I liked and “Come Back” came as a very fluid, lyrical, and almost experimental song at the time. Sometimes I like to write songs without thinking too much, almost word vomit the lines out and then figure out what it means after. It’s a good way to dig deep and surprise yourself. This was one of my first attempts at that and there are a lot of metaphors in this song for things I was going through at the time. – Nicky MacKenzie

On MORALSNicky MacKenzie’s commanding vocals weave into hypnotic R&B melodies, drawing inspiration from the likes of Charlotte Day Wilson, Daniel Caesar, and Hozier. Adding layers to Nicky’s vision is LA-based production duo Likeminds, who infused the EP with body-moving synths and percussion. The EP moves from the quiet, introspective crackle of “Lost and Found” to powerhouse pop offerings like “I Should Go” and “No Man’s Land,” a dynamic, Dua Lipa-esque ride erupting with vibrant brass. Tracks “Grown” and “Comfortable” examine the space between adolescence and young adulthood, questioning what it will feel like to finally arrive in a place of self-reliance.



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