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Dylan Hennessy’s “The Eminem Show” Live From The Bovine Sex Club Presented by Smoking Room Only (Video)

Dylan Hennessy’s “The Eminem Show” Live From The Bovine Sex Club Presented by Smoking Room Only (Video)

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend Dylan Hennessy’s “The Eminem Show” at Bovine Sex Club, presented by Smoking Room Only and boy did I have a blast. Smoking Room Only is a monthly concert series featuring curated line-ups of the GTA’s best live acts at Toronto’s most iconic venues. 100% of proceeds always go to the artists. “We believe in highlighting amazing local talent and creating unforgettable concert experiences.” You may be asking yourself if you read that right, but yes they do give 100% of the proceeds to the artists, something almost unprecedented in the Toronto music scene, and an incredible sign of how much Smoking Room Only cares about the local music scene and contributing to it’s success, so if you can please show these guys some support because they definitely deserve it. 

The show itself was a blast. I’ve been to the Bovine many times over the years and when I was first told about the show, I have to be honest I was a little confused. Bovine Sex Club has a pretty regular crowd, and with it being a venue for punk, metal and rock shows this was definitely a change of pace.  But the genre change didn’t slow down the night at all, the sold out room was completely packed with a wide range of attendees and it didn’t matter what type of music you were into, if you were there you were having a great time. There were times where the crowds singing was almost loud enough to drown the band out! I never dreamt of moshing to Eminem before but that was the highlight of my whole week. 

Dylan Hennessy is a musical mastermind, the Toronto based singer and songwriter plays and writes in a variety of genres and leaves his audiences in awe regardless of the setup. A master looper, Hennessy creates sonic mixes that require thinking many steps ahead and if you ever get the chance to see him or any of his projects live I definitely recommend it. Here’s what Hennessy had to say about the show

“Oh, my, god…THAT was an insane show. Seriously. From having our first venue for this show not work out, to getting sick days before showtime, to having it be the coldest day of winter…NOTHING could stop this show from going down in incredible fashion.
We finally ran our 90-minute Eminem tribute show last night to a sold out Bovine Sex Club in one of the most fun performances I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting on. The whole audience sang the songs so loud I could hardly hear myself the whole time. The band played impeccably. And acts we shared the stage with, and collaborated with in the show, were all top notch.
Thank you so so SO much to Smoking Room Only for helping run this with me, I couldn’t have done it without you. To Branko Scekic for being the absolute legend of a host he is. To Nekkrak for setting the room off right at the beginning of the night. To Masta Inferno and Nikane for the mind-melting second set, and for letting me join you for it. And of course thanks to Alex Van Briggle and Russ Shipman for making the show so much larger than I ever could have done on my own.
And thanks to YOU, who’ve supported me and come out to watch me play. This show was a silly idea I had in my car 2 years ago. I don’t know when we will do it again, but this was an incredible proof-of-concept that showed us it was worth the effort. Let us know where we should take this show next!”




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