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The Glorious Sons @ The Concert Hall (Photoset)

The Glorious Sons @ The Concert Hall (Photoset)

Sirius XM’s Dial Up The Moment program brought quite a nice suprise to Toronto earlier this month, bringing Kingston rockers The Glorious Sons to The Concert Hall for a vip experience. The Glorious Sons will be playing Scotiabank Arena come February, so to see them in such an intimate setting was quite the treat! The energy in that room of the old Masonic Temple was unbridled, from the second the band started until the end of their extendend encore. As soon as the show ended fans starting going around the room and taking any poster, banner or piece of memorabilia they could find, trying desperately to find something, anything to help preserve the moment. I’ve never seen anything like it. Click below to give their latest video “Panic Attack” a watch and if you’re still looking for some more photos go check out the ones our friends at BKonTheScene shot here




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