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Interview With The The Royal Flash – Indie Week Rewind

Interview With The The Royal Flash – Indie Week Rewind

The Royal Flash, is a self-proclamined ‘insane rock & roll band’ from Madrid, Spain. The band has nearly 300 shows in the bank to date. An electrifying mix of riffs, rhythms, beats and pure energy. Catchy lyrics, a touch of psychedelia, choruses and sharp guitars that will blow your mind, in the best way possible.

When you take a few minutes to talk to these guys you know rock & roll runs in their blood. When you listen to their music you’re not sure if you’re listening to a rockabilly group from Tennissee or the soundtrack to a new Quinten Terentino movie. It’s good stuff.

The band releases rock music in Spanish and English and all their songs stay true to that rock & roll spirit. Some songs to note are Get High, Rollercoaster and Benidorm. It’s pretty cool to listen to rock music in Spanish, it’s like fusion cooking, but with music.

In celebration of Indie Week’s return, Dropout Entertainment will be featuring “Indie Week Rewind” all this week, with photos, interviews, live videos and previously unreleased material from 2019’s festival. Indie Week is one of Canada’s leading festivals for independent music and we’re excited to reminisce in it’s glory before heading into it’s 2020 edition, which runs from November 10th to 14th.

The 18th edition of Indie Week Canada is switching gears by offering a 5-day online conference. 2020 has brought many changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in response, what would normally be an in person event taking place across multiple venues in Toronto, will now be online. This will allow for more international attendees and connections than ever before.

“Indie Week Canada is committed to using this online platform to be a leader moving forward in a positive direction. Connecting artists, industry and fans from around the world is more important now than ever before as the music industry adapts and evolves. Now is the time to log on, connect, and move forward together.”

-Darryl Hurs (Indie Week founder)

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