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Whither – Divine astronaut (Interview + Music Video)

Whither – Divine astronaut (Interview + Music Video)

Divine Astronaut released a haunting new video for their single “Whither” off their upcoming album “Made Not In Berlin” and if you haven’t already, you’ll definitely want to check it out! Divine Astronaut are an electronic duo featuring singer Livvy Holland and Producer/multi instrumentalist Moonhead, who describe their sound as night-time music that is downtempo alternative electronica with trip hop and industrial elements. The music video for “Whither” was produced by Holland herself and edited by Moonhead, and takes you into a haunting yet beatifully dark world of it’s own. This video is the perfect example of how with cinematic shots and great editing, you don’t need an action packed video to have an incredible one! The slow moving visuals and ghost like glitching fit the song perfectly and allows your brain to really let the message of the song to sink in. And it’s a great message! But I’ll let the singer herself tell you what it’s all about. Click below to watch it for yourself and keep scrolling for an interview with Livvy Holland about the meaning behind the song, their upcoming album, a message of hope and more!

Can you tell us the meaning behind the lyrics to Whither? 

Whither was initially meant to be a reflection of gratitude.. and how if we lose sight of that for the everyday ‘little’ things, we can whither while keeping our sights so projected on a desired future outcome. But it sort of evolved to also be a sort of prayer.. a prayer to god or energy or whatever that thing is outside ourselves to help.. clear the way for creativity. 

What was the motivation behind the video for the track? Where was it shot and by who? What inspired the dress, and was the process affected by Covid 19?

Actually, this video was shot right before Covid was known to spread in North America. It was shot in February.. But that said I got terribly ill right after, so I almost wonder if I did get it. I was walking barefoot on freezing cold pavement, at times in wet puddles too… of course none of that stuff made it into the video. The video was shot in Vancouver, Canada and by Kirk Gilchrist, who’s a really talented cinematographer, he did a really great job. I directed it, and it was my first time directing.. and a huge learning experience for how much more there is to learn!  

The single is off your upcoming debut album ‘Made Not in Berlin’, set to be released in fall of 2020. What can you tell us about the album?

I’m really excited for this album to be out.. I know this sounds maybe odd, but it was our first foray into this band and it really felt like a ‘record of events’ in the traditional sense of how albums were made. We were in such a specific time and place when most of these songs were created, and I’m excited to create new things and release this to the ether.. so to speak :). 

For anyone who’s never heard Divine Astronaut before, how would you describe your music?

As downtempo trip-hop electronica, nighttime music to drink and sway to. It has some rock/industrial elements to it and some very sparse/ambient songs too. I like the array.. And actually we’ll likely take that in mind when ordering the songs too.  

You were part of both the Toronto and Vancouver music scene during your time in Canada,  how is the music scene there different or similar to ours?

I think the main differences we noticed that were very.. practical differences were that Vancouver gigs will pay more generously than gigs in LA but there are many more venues in LA than Vancouver. Other than that, there’s a bit more foot traffic in Vancouver venues, vs in LA the shows are mostly attended by invite- I suppose because there are so many bars/venues there. My favorite shows have been at The Whisky and the Hollywood Improv in LA and Studio Records in Vancouver. We’ve only been playing in Europe though in the part year and that’s been really great. 

Asides for the new album, what else does D.A have coming up in the future?

We’re planning our second album already. We already have a bunch of bed tracks.. And I’m so excited about it, because.. The sound is a bit different and I have a ton of lyrics I’m really wanting to put to music and new things to express and I guess find out what it’ll be.  

Do you have any words of hope or encouragement for our readers during these unprecedented times?

I think so.. I think I started realizing some negative recurring thought patterns and have, every morning been trying to stop them from happening and shift to more positive thoughts.. And on mornings where I can’t make it work, I listen to music, to replace my thoughts altogether. That’s been helping a lot.. I hope whoever’s reading can find time for themselves whether it be by going for a walk or writing some thoughts down or watching a good show or movie. It’s hard to say.. But.. I do have faith that a solution to this will come and we just need to hang in there. But.. it’s so hard to do or even say that because everyone’s situation right now is so relative. I just hope you’re okay.. That’s all I can really say. And I’m sending you positive energy.. Whatever this is worth. 



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