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Interview with Focus Your Audio at Indie Week 2020 (Video)

Interview with Focus Your Audio at Indie Week 2020 (Video)

Focus Your Audio is a Vancouver indie-folk-rock duo that I got the chance to sit down with (half of at least), during IndieWeek 2020’s virtual media room back in November to chat about the band and their new single ‘Over There’. Focus Your Audio’s music is a celebration of their union and love for each other and the music they create. The team has received some impressive critical acclaim in the short time they’ve been creating music.

Bobby McAloney and Sarah McArthur are two artists from Vancouver British Columbia and two halves of Focus Your Audio. The team describes their music as somewhere between folk, Americana, and good old-fashioned rock and roll. The mix of sounds and the band’s unique and beautiful result is probably a result of the two’s unique upbringings. McAloney grew up in the Fraser Valley in Coquitlam, British Columbia, while McArthur grew up in a small town in Ontario before moving to Canada’s East Coast. 

The two describe the project as, “a celebration both of them discovering their sound, in all of it’s emotive and vulnerable glory.”

Canadian producer Adam Hurstfield described Focus Your Audio as “one of Vancouver’s best-kept secrets” If you don’t know Hurstfield he’s only produced about 75 worldwide chart-toppers. Hurstfield has credits with artists like Elise Estrada, Loverboy, Snoop Dogg, Live on Arrival, and Jeff Martin of Canadian musical legends The Tea Party.

Focus Your Audio’s new single ‘Over There’ is out now everywhere you get your music.



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