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Electro-Grunge Trio Hot Lips Release New Video For “Femicide”

Electro-Grunge Trio Hot Lips Release New Video For “Femicide”

Hot Lips, an electro-grunge trio based out of Toronto have just have released a new video for their single “Femicide”. The band tackled some difficult subject matter deeply rooted within Canadian history on Femicide and teamed up with Zeebrah Media and director Ryan Brough to bring the video to life.

” We wanted to raise awareness about indigenous rights and tell a story we aren’t taught in school. Although the images and story of the video can be difficult to watch, we wanted to do our part to bring this to the foreground”
says the band’s lead singer and songwriter Karli Forgèt who is a member of Onondaga Bear Foot Clan.

“We wanted to treat the subject matter with the utmost respect and care, and I feel we have created a really powerful video”.

I personally also think they created a really powerful video, and it’s incredibly inspirational to see a band taking the reigns and talking about a message that our education skipped over. It’s sad to know that residential schools never once come up in my schooling, but you can’t change the past. Hot Lips however are making the future a better place, by shining a light on and using rock n roll to start conversations around a subject that has too often been ignored in our culture. Although the visuals show a dark part of our history, the message is one of empowerment for today’s youth.

We had the opportunity to interview Hot Lips about the new song, the video, their 2020, the pandemic, getting band tattoos, what they’ve got coming up next and more! Click below to watch “Femicide” and keep scrolling for our interview with Hot Lips!

You’ve just released a new video for your single Femicide. Can you tell us about the concept behind the video?

This video is political and deeply rooted within Canadian History. The song itself represents all women, especially minorities, indigenous women, and women of colour who have endured hardships and tragedy. The video focuses on the brutal history of the residential school system but ends on a positive note: the voice and empowerment of today’s youth.

I really appreciate this music video, because it talks about a subject matter that is so critical to understanding Canada, yet was never taught in schools. What pushed you to come out with this song and video?

Karli is First Nations and an advocate for Indigenous Rights but we as a band always like to invoke intense, raw emotion into our music. While this subject matter is slowly being brought into the forefront, we want to do our part to make everyone aware of the injustice that continues to happen every day in Canada.

You spent the majority of 2020 writing and recording and have mentioned that you’ve grown as a band during this difficult year. Can you tell us about how you’ve grown as a band?

The year 2020 was an emotional rollercoaster; we had to cancel tours, we lost our manager, and all the interest from record labels disappeared because of the pandemic…basically all our plans went down the drain! We channeled our emotions into songwriting and, despite all that was lost, we also lost the pressure of deadlines and were able to compose and pull apart our songs.

How do you think the crazy year that was 2020 will affect your music going forward?

We are only getting better at writing and 2020 reminded us that sometimes we can get into our own heads too much about what we think other people may want to hear. Our songs are an expression of ourselves and our experiences and are not meant to be molded by expectations.

Back when live shows were still a thing, you played supporting slots for Rob Zombie, Michale Graves of the Misfits, 3Teeth, MONOWHALES, Econoline Crush, Rusty, Crown Lands and Swollen Members to name a few. Can you tell us about a few of your favourite live music memories?

They were all great in their own ways! Playing at Budweiser was obviously awesome and a great experience. I think one of our favourites was playing Summerfest in Wisconsin. The grounds were built for the festival and it’s a huge park with hundreds of vendors, rides, and bars. We got to see so many amazing artists play that weekend and had a blast.

Your unique sound is the result of synthesizers, a bass guitar and drums exclusively. What made you decide to go guitarless for this project?

It came organically. When the 3 of us started jamming and Karli bought a synth, it was so full and loud, we didn’t see the need for a guitar.

Can you tell us about your songwriting process? How do you take something from an idea to a finished product like Femicide?

It starts with Karli sending a demo she put together with her Zoom digital recorder or with Garageband. Sometimes it’s a full song, other times it needs some structuring. We take it into the space and work it out until it feels right. Sometimes it happens quickly and other times we need to come back to it and let it marinate a while.

Can you tell me about the matching band tattoos, what inspired that?

Keith mentioned one day he was planning on getting the Hot Lips Skull logo as a tattoo. We all thought it was a great idea and Alex set it up with his friend and tattoo artist, Joe Berry. This band has been a huge part of our lives and holds a special place that warrants a permanent spot on our bodies – ha!

What Canadian artists have inspired Hot Lips the most?

Econoline Crush, July Talk, Metz, Wintersleep, Esthero.. It’s all over the map!

What are your most listened to songs of 2021 so far?

Karli is really into Reignwolf, basically all of the songs from the Black and Red album. 

What can fans expect from Hot Lips in 2021?

We plan to continue recording and releasing music. We have a new single called Black Locust we will be dropping in the spring and we’re planning to get back into the studio as soon as we can. We’re also working on a small outdoor festival and will be booking shows as soon as it’s safe to play again. Can’t stop, Won’t Stop!!




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