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Toronto’s Howlin’ Circus Release Their New Single “Innocence”

Toronto’s Howlin’ Circus Release Their New Single “Innocence”

In the heart of these tumultuous and divisive times, emerges a musical force that pulsates with the unyielding spirit of rock’n’roll. Meet Howlin‘ Circus, a transcendent Middle Eastern-inspired psychedelic rock project masterfully orchestrated by the visionary Canadian-Iraqi musician, Jafar Sandouk.

With his gritty, powerful, and defiant lyrics, Sandouk fearlessly blurs the boundaries of genres, weaving a mesmerizing tapestry that unveils the devastating personal impact of Islamophobia and white supremacy in the post-9/11 era. Yet, his music goes beyond mere social commentary; it delves deep into the heart of humanity, exploring the world’s sharp decline in empathy.

Howlin‘ Circus‘ upcoming single release, “Innocence,” serves as a testament to Sandouk’s audacious creativity. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Ronettes, he infuses the track with a captivating drum beat and mesmerizing, almost spooky organs. The bold Arabic-style guitar riff adds a unique twist, demonstrating Sandouk’s willingness to embrace diverse influences and boldly challenge the norms. As he describes the creative process behind the song, Sandouk proudly declares, “Who’s to say you can’t do that?”

On the horizon looms the much-anticipated album, “Creature,” set to be unleashed on October 27. An enchanting ode to the multifaceted roles we must assume to navigate in a world designed for the privileged few. With poignant lyricism, Sandouk’s opus reflects on the narratives imposed on us by others, often aimed at dehumanizing our very existence. Yet, in this resonant musical journey, Sandouk encourages us to seize control of our own stories, celebrating the essence of what makes us human.

“Creature” stands as an unapologetic celebration of individuality, refusing to be confined by society’s preconceived notions. Drawing inspiration from Sandouk’s own rich cultural heritage and life experiences, the album is a testament to the power of music to bridge divides and challenge the status quo.

In a world craving authenticity and empathy, Howlin‘ Circus beckons us to embrace the boundless diversity of human experience, transcending barriers of language, culture, and belief. Jafar Sandouk’s musical endeavor pulsates with a rock’n’roll heartbeat, igniting a spark of hope and unity amid the chaotic noise of our modern era



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