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Mountain Head Release New Nostalgia Filled Music Video for Internet

Mountain Head Release New Nostalgia Filled Music Video for Internet

Mountain Head have recently released a new music video for their new banger “Internet” and if you grew up watching the internet grow into the monster it is today, this will hit you with some serious nostalgia. Between the old school mario, aol messenger, paint, dial up and 90’s YTV style graphics, this video had me finding memories I didn’t even know were lost, and all the while set to a infectiously groovy soundtrack that has been stuck in my head for days. Mountain Head has been working with legendary producer GGGarth Richardson in Gibsons, B.C. at the renowned Farm Studios, and this is the first release from those recordings, which has me extremely excited to hear what’s coming next! The song was first concieved during the pandemic while Ben was sitting at the computer, contemplating a World of Warcraft relapse when he heard Kyle playing the nose bass and coulnd’t help himself from beatboxing over the melody. At that point the brothers stopped and decided (in their own words) that they either had to fuck off or fuck on in that moment, and thankfully for us listeners, they decided to fuck on, they immediately headed to the studio and started laying it down. And what we’re left with is the masterpiece that is “Internet”, click below to give it a watch!



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