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Double Experience “Oh Listener Mine” Live at Revival

Double Experience “Oh Listener Mine” Live at Revival

Ottawa rock band Double Experience performing their track “Oh Listener Mine” at Indie Week’s opening party! Oh Listener Mine was written and inspired by the deep lore of Destiny concerning the Ahamkara; wish-granting dragons that were apparently hunted to extinction.

You can tune in to an interview we did with the band while they were in Toronto just under these lyrics!


When the unknown clouds your clear blue skies
What will you wish for?
When your walls come down and your ego dies
What will you live for?
Pride is a funny thing
The fulcrum of your happiness and dignity
What will you wish for?

Desires come at a price…

Legends never die
We defy extinction
Dwelling on the outer rim
We’re still alive


When your claws grow dull
from scratching at knowledge?
What will you reach for?
And when your bones grow soft and your light glows dim
What will you wish for?
Entrust in me your life
Behold my great design
Oh listener mine

Stare into the void
Can you feel the shiver running up and down your spine?
We’re still alive

Close your eyes
Say the word
And let the darkness guide your way



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