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Just Wanna Be Myself by Madame Psychosis (New Video)

Just Wanna Be Myself by Madame Psychosis (New Video)

Madame Psychosis is a Toronto based indie band and I’ve been unintentionally ignoring emails from them for a few weeks now. On January 3rd the band released their new song (and video) “Just Wanna be Myself” and it landed in my inbox and immediately got buried, but I’m happy to say it didn’t stay buried.

Madame Psychosis made my afternoon a little bit better on what was otherwise a cold as all hell Toronto afternoon. As I mentioned their new song is called “Just Wanna Be Myself” so with that said, here’s the video.

“Just Wanna Be Myself” is a pop-rock diddy and a testament to being comfortable, or the quest to be comfortable -in your own skin. It’s not exactly revolutionary subject matter but it’s an important one in music, in my opinion. I guess I’m inclined to respect artists more when they are on a mission to empower and lift up others. So good on you Madame Psychosis.

The lyrics of “Just Wanna Be Myself” are solid, and the more I delve into the past works of Madame Psychosis, the more I want to sit in a room with them when they write lyrics. That would probably be weird.

See how you feel a little lighter? A little better about all the things? That’s why I’m grateful for artists and music like this. I’m going to bet there’s some influences here from some 90’s alt-rock for sure – I’m getting very faint flashbacks of Green Day’s Dookie album; and that week in 2002 when Edge 102 played Avril Lavigne by mistake.

So if you like old-school Greenday, you’re probably going to like this – and if you like old-school Pink (is that a thing?) you’re probably going to like this.

As I mentioned I dug a little deeper into Madame Psychosis because I found myself starting to dig Madame Psychosis. Then I found “Space Motorcycle”.

I love songs with totally ridiculous titles! So I had to take a listen to that too.

Now, Space Motorcycle is from what I can tell, a sexy song with great lyrics about a Space Motorcycle. Whether or not that is a euphemism I’m unsure, but I hope it’s a literal space motorcycle. Above all the song is catchy. The song has great lyrics delivered smoothly by vocalist Michelle Mondesir, Mondesir doesn’t bring a lot of range to the songs on this album – Space Motorcycle included.

I’d recommend listening to Madame Psychosis when you might not be having the best day. The beats are uplifting and rebellious all at once. It’s probably a testament to the strength or optimism of today’s youth, or something.



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