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To The Gallows – One In The Chamber (Interview + New Music Video)

To The Gallows – One In The Chamber (Interview + New Music Video)

Add some rock n roll to your Friday night with One In The Chamber’s badass new video for “To The Gallows”. If you’re a rock fan and you haven’t heard of these guys, you should definitely not only check out this video, but do a deep dive into their music, I think One In The Chamber is definitely one of Toronto’s most exciting new hard rock bands. This rock n roll four piece just released their debut album at the end of 2018, with their album being named Canadian EP of The Year by Canadian Beats and the video for their single being nominated for Rock Video Of The Year by the CIMVA’s. They didn’t let the pandemic stop their momentum in 2020, finishing the year off strong with this gritty new video! To The Gallows is a haunting and twisted love tale and it’s raw rock n roll feel sounds to me like a modern day mix between Led Zeppelin and Alice In Chains. The video itself was filmed at Toronto’s Jam Chamber by Diego del Rio and really adds to the feel of the track. We had the opportunity to ask all 4 members of One In The Chamber a few questions, click below to watch “To The Gallows” and keep scrolling to read about what’s behind the lyrics to this dark love story, some behind the scenes for the video that involve so much smoke it looked like a Snoop Dogg video, what they’ve been doing during the pandemic and what they’ve got coming up next!

Interview with Gerrod Harris, Mike Biase, Christian Dotto & Cecil Eugene of One In The Chamber

Can you tell us about the lyrics behind your single “To The Gallows”?

Mike Biase: “To The Gallows” is the lyrical prequel to “Something To Say” off our 2018 EP, I’ve Got Something To Say… and is from the perspective of a fallen angel that has escaped from hell and is on earth. Lines like “I’m amazed at the way the souls up here play” is him looking around and being pleased by how shitty people can be and how, therefore, he will one day get their souls. The chorus plays as a back and forth between the demon and a soul that has been sent to hell. Tired of their pleading and complaining, the demon “rips out their tongue”. In essence, the song is called “To The Gallows” because it is a twisted love song to the gallows because they are responsible for so many souls that have been sent to the demon.

The song was recorded, alongside your single “Blow” at Toronto’s legendary Phase One Studios, working with acclaimed producer and engineer, Murray Daigle and engineer Mike Smith. How was that experience?

Gerrod Harris: We were all blown away by how we sounded with Murray and Mike on our 2018 debut EP, I’ve Got Something To Say… so when it came time to figure out how and where we’d record the next project, Murray was our first and only choice. After hearing the final cut, “To The Gallows” very quickly became one of our favourite songs from those sessions.

Christian Dotto: It’s always a pleasure working with Murray and Mike at Phase One because they’re just really good at what they do, which makes it so easy for us to sit and get to work on recording our material.

The video for “To The Gallows” is gritty, rough and raw. What made you decide to go this direction visually?

Gerrod Harris: Diego del Rio is the man! He’s got so much vision and knows how to pull it off, and, having worked with him and his team for every music video, we’ve been able to come up with ways to make sure each video is a different visual experience from the last. “Blow” was super modern and bright with the neon rockstar vibe, but for “To The Gallows”, we wanted a darker tone to fit the haunting vibe of the music.

Do you have any good behind the scenes stories from shooting the video?

Christian Dotto: Halfway through filming, Cecil and I were shooting what I like to call “our epic guitar battle” shots, you see in the video, where we’re both playing and facing each other. On the fly, we started coming up with ideas of interacting with each other more and at one point, Diego suggested for me to “touch his neck a little”. He was actually referring to Cecil’s guitar neck, but instead I started jokingly caressing his actual neck and we all laughed about it. Sadly, no caressing had made it into the official video. “To The Gallows” was shot at Toronto’s The Jam Chamber and by the end of the shoot, there was so much smoke in the rehearsal studio that we’d accidentally set off Jam Chamber’s fire alarm.

Gerrod Harris: The lobby looked like Snoop Dogg’s dressing room by the time we were done.

Cecil Eugene: We had a new banner we hadn’t used yet so I got on a ladder and proceeded to pin this banner pin by pin and there is just a random line of empty pin holes on the wall now and will likely be there for a long time. That was a lot of fun – I love climbing ladders!

What have you guys been up to during the pandemic?

Gerrod Harris: It’s been important for us to continue moving forward in a way that was both socially responsible as well as setting up each release for as much success as we could in a pandemic. Honestly, we’ve been blown away with the response to “Blow” and “To The Gallows” and are truly grateful for all the support we’ve seen in 2020.

Christian Dotto: We were very lucky to have been sitting on newly recorded material before things started closing down. Releasing “Blow” really gave us a nice push through the start of the pandemic, and helped us move forward, while we brainstormed on how we’d proceed from there. We were fortunate to get a few opportunities over the summer and fall seasons, including live streaming on 101.5 The Wolf FM twice and being featured on Cats Cove Media and the Mississauga Arts Counsil’s ‘Sauga Music NOW’, where we celebrated the release of “To The Gallows”. It’s important for bands to adapt in situations like these, and I think we managed pretty well.

What can fans expect in 2021 from One In The Chamber?

Christian Dotto: We can’t wait to hit the stage and play live shows again, so we’ll be working on our stage show. When things open up again, One In The Chamber shows will be bigger than ever.

Gerrod Harris: We’re also still sitting on some recorded songs that we’re itchin’ to drop and are forming some plans on how to release them in exciting and engaging ways. We’re also looking forward to doing more live stream concerts and how to be even more active than we were this last year. While it wasn’t the 2020 we banked on, we turned it around, had a successful year, and are looking forward to a far bigger 2021.



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