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On June 19th, indigenous artist Daniel Monkman a.k.a. Zoon, released his debut album “Bleached Wavves” through Paper Bag Records. Daniel’s moniker Zoongide’ewin (Zoon for short) is the Ojibway word for courage, it’s a theme that shreds its way through Daniel’s music and his life story. From overcoming loss, battling addiction, and travelling far from home; Zoon has distilled the emotions that come from those experiences into a body of work that bleeds energy & creativity, giving listeners the opportunity to step back from the noise of the world, and reflect. 

Alex Huard sits down with Zoon (Daniel Monkman) to discuss the inspiration behind the album before bringing in his manager, Brendan McCarney of Double Denim Management (Whoop-Szo, Lou Canon, Devarrow), to discuss the process they took to release Dan’s debut album “Bleached Wavves” in the middle of a pandemic.

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