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Andrew Waite’s New Live Show Video

Andrew Waite’s New Live Show Video

Andrew Waite is an award-winning East Coast based singer/songwriter who describes his music as honest, rugged, and evocative. He’s had songs hit number one on East Coast music charts and he’s performed across Canada. Waite won the PEI Music Rock Recording of the Year in 2019 for his 2018 album Tremors. Waite’s next single Faith hit the top of the East Coast music charts and garnered Waites a Canadian Independent Music Video Award for Best Indie Music Video of 2019. 

Waite is also the latest artist to release a live-show music video in recent weeks – including the recent release by Japandroids – in what I can only hope is a 2020 trend for bands. Waite has just dropped a new video for his cover of People Get Ready by Curtis Mayfield, recorded live at The Mack in Charlottetown PEI.

Let’s face it, even if you can’t go to a live show it’s nice to listen to a crowd. Which is a bit preposterous for me to say as I’ve spent the better part of my life being less-than-impressed with many live-releases. Just a personal preference I guess. I will say in the past few months that’s changed dramatically. Instead of the crowd on an album making me wish I hadn’t missed the live show, now it makes me grateful for every live show I’ve ever been able to attend. 



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