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Singer/Songwriter & Spoken Word Poet Timaj Garad Releases Moving New Track “How To Win A War”

Singer/Songwriter & Spoken Word Poet Timaj Garad Releases Moving New Track “How To Win A War”

Today’s Song of the day is How to Win a War by Timaj Garad. Timaj Garad is an Ethiopian Toronto-based Singer-Songwriter and Poet creating music with a genre-bending mix of spoken word poetry, hip hop, and r&b, soul, afrojazz, and dance. Her art is auto-biographical, working at the intersections of a black Muslim woman challenging injustice, unearthing truths, and healing. How to Win a War is off her recently released debut EP Blooming at the Mouth. With rich lyrical landscapes, soulful vocals, and a unique blend of singing and spoken word poetry, the EP offers listeners intimate, thought-provoking storytelling coupled with anthemic, lively hooks carrying undertones of hope.

 How to Win a War is a really unique piece, one that stops you in your tracks and makes you really want to listen to the words the artist is saying. Garad has a beautifully soulful and moving voice and implements spoken word techniques to add to the flow of the track, an element moving it away from the cookie cutter mold used by so many. The song is not only thought provoking, but an empowering one about standing up, overcoming your own personal warzones and making it your own way. The lyrics don’t only flow beautifully together, but they do an incredible job of creating strong imagery in the listeners mind, drawing a picture before setting it on fire and moving to the next. This is How to Win A Way by Timaj Garad on Dropout Radio’s Song of The Day.

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Todays Song of The Day (March 9th) is How To Win A War by Timaj Garad. Every weekday on Dropout Radio at 9, 1, 3 & 7 ET we’re showcasing some of Canada’s best independent music, from artists of all genres and all across the country. Stay tuned ’til the end of The Song of The Day on Dropout Radio to find today’s Secret Code and for your chance to win free Dropout merch!



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