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Author: Benjamin Gibson

Dropout in the Park

Saturday July 8, 2017, Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto. Dropout Entertainment held the first ever Dropout in the Park, and outdoor all-acousitic “micro-festival”. How was it? It was an absolute blast! We would genuinely like to thank everybody who came out and chilled on the grass with us, it was great meeting everyone – kudos to your blanket-savvy Toronto. A HUGE thanks to the bands who came out to preform acoustic sets: The Lost Angleos, Altered By Mom and Giraffe! Thanks to Buddha Leaf Tea for helping us out with some freebie organic Iced Tea.  Check out the photos! Missed...

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A Taste of Toronto’s Best Dive Bars – The Venues of CMW

Well it’s a bit late and my editor is ticked off, but I’ve crawled out of my post-CMW-mountain-cave and I’m bringing you a look at Toronto’s select CMW venues. In other words, we’re talking about dive bars. I’ve a long history of love affairs with dive bars in Toronto, I’ve drank and even eaten at some of the best (worst?). Having said that, finding a proper dive bar in 2017 isn’t as easy as it sounds… ok it’s very, very stupid easy, but finding the ones that have consistently awesome tunes? So for your consideration, a slightly outdated list...

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Very Unofficial Guide to Canadian Music Week 2017

Ok I’ve taken my afternoon and sifted through the CMW craziness, I’ve looked at some other recommendation lists, because why the hell not. I’ve listened to new bands and fell in love with old ones I haven’t listened to in years making this list. I can honestly say that If I had to choose a line up to see this year. My “Must See” if you will… This is it. This list relies on a couple things that are basically magic so it’s never going to happen for me. Mostly because like every CMW there are shows that overlap...

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Interview with Teenanger

Toronto based not-a-70s-punk band Teenanger is pretty fuckin cool. They have some lyrics I can more than relate to such as ‘gonna drink till the money’s all gone’. The Globe and Mail compared them to a 70’s punk band pretty much straight out, which is a pretty loose depiction if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong the article probably has a much better understanding of the motivations of the bands lyrics – at least it analyze them more. I’m just writing this as I’m listin to them and noticing that i just ‘smoked two joints at the same...

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Interview with Bad Animal

Bad Animal makes me think about Bill Murray. Murray once said he wanted to be “here” more,  be more “present”. I’m taking the fifth or sixth listen to audio interview I had with Ben Painter the lead from Bad Animal, a bad-ass indie-quasi-punk band from Calgary. Playing it back over and over is making me feel more and more like I’d just left a dive bar not realizing I’d had a conversation with picasso after asking him the best colour to paint the walls in my den.   After some back and forth over emails, we arranged time for...

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