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(Premiere) Vinyl Hero’s New Music Video “Getting Lost” & Interview With The Band

(Premiere) Vinyl Hero’s New Music Video “Getting Lost” & Interview With The Band

 Montreal alternative/rock trio Vinyl Hero have just released their rocking new music video “Getting Lost” and we’re proud to be premiering it here on Dropout Entertainment with you! Caught somewhere between a road trip and a head trip, punching grooves, sultry vocals & guitar riffs that cross into blues & country territory, Getting Lost is a driving song. (pun intended!) Getting Lost is a great example of modern Canadian rock music, inspired by The Rolling Stones Jumping Jack Flash the song features driving instrumentation to get your heart going and a lyrical message to do the same for your brain. The video itself is mesmerizing, mostly shot on a drone (by a very brave pilot), the video weaves in an out of an audio warehouse and seamlessly cuts between scenes to create quite the impressive piece of artwork when paired with the song!

Aside from the tons of drums and grinding bass against the jangle of the guitar riffs & slide licks & waves of vocals, we get “hit by the blinding light that smacked me from left to right” – the words sing out as a revelation- the light bulb went on! Story of the song started as wanting to be an anthem for “truckers ” but morphed into a realization that you can only be you and who you are, knowing who you are and as soon as do….you get lost along the way to discovering who that is.

On Getting Lost Vinyl Hero continues their on-going collaboration with with one of the FreqShop Studios’ Maestro, Dave Traina helming the board & mix and Harry Hess mastering. Dawn Cumbebatch provided a sultry, soulful and powerful layer of vocals and whether it be the gang-like vocal during the chorus or her own moment in the songs’ breakdown, she is heard and it’s glorious. 

Click below to be among the first to watch Vinyl Hero’s Getting Lost and keep scrolling for our interview with the band and for more info on this trio!

Interview with Vinyl Hero

The song started as wanting to be an anthem for “truckers ” but morphed into a bigger message. Do you remember the point of realizing this track had evolved into something more than you originally planned?
The exact point ? No. But ….I have a tendency, 9 times out of 10, I will have 3- 4 versions of lyrics before I get to a satisfactory level. Somewhere around version 3 – I thought of a friend of ours , who to this day is one of my favorite humans and guitar players. He quit the dream and got a job as a trucker and loved( still loves it). One day he was telling me about some of the hauls he pulls and the cities he goes through… took a while before his words resonated to lyrics but there they were. And it morphed into a message that gets deeper to this day, that when you are truly lost in what you love , you see the light the path illuminates and you’re right there in it! And when you’re in that scape or feeling or zone…. that’s it . That’s Getting Lost.

Can you give us an example of you “Getting Lost” in discovering exactly who you were?
I am not entirely sure if I ever got lost in who I am. The discovering part shows up and sheds a little light every now & then .
But being truly lost in the “who I am /we are” comes out most in our live performances & the evolution of how we write/perform/record.
The deeper it keeps getting is interesting and constantly evolving . That would be the “spiritual” answer . The easier answer would be …. when I started getting paid to play guitar. Then I got truly lost!.

Which bands or songs would you say influenced “Getting Lost” the most?
The song that inspired this the most would be Jumpin’ Jack Flash by The Rolling Stones. Keith Richards-isms are beloved in this band.
One night while waiting for other members to show up, we tune half step lower…… we have a slide tuning we use , slapped a capo on the fourth fret and started goofing on Jack Flash and accidentally did a pull off lick and bam! The slide lick in the riff was mildly inspired by Dancing Days by Zepplin .
There were a lot of arrangements redone, sections cut completely that were very cool but would not suit the way it turned out at all.

Where was the music video shot?
Our singer/guitarist , Ray , runs a backline company in Montreal . We filmed it at Coll Audio using a drone.
The warehouse layout was very cool terrain for the drone to fly over ……and try not to fly into! Tight spaces and oh the rows & shelves of gear to choose from.
That part was lotsa fun .

What is one of your favorite memories of shooting the music video?
OK………..before that I would like to say , there would have been proof had we gone in a certain direction to film this video , we stuck with our original idea meaning no proof!. So ……………….. filmed the video and we had been waiting for a confirmation date to begin filming from him. About a week before, we knew where we were shooting but no cameraman confirmed . So, the idea became we would duct tape our cell phones to our chests in camera mode and in the editing phase, slice it in a linear or nonlinear Tarantino style video where you’d see the perspective from all 3 with another phone showing you what was really going on.
We had the grocery list for a hardware store for tape & other accessories then all of a sudden ,……………… called and confirmed and that was that!

Fast forward to the day of the shoot, we’re about 3 ish hours in, we’ve had smoke machines filling up the entire warehouse and then fire & security alarms are going off , my boss is calling frantically wondering wtf is going on. We get the alarm off , start airing out a bit and Costa ( Bass) is standing on a cab and sees flashing red lights outside the window . We rush to a garage door to open it before the firefighters start axing it.
Firefighters were poking their heads to see what was happening while the boss was calling like mad. The firemen came in , gave an inspection and smiled on the way out ….obviously kinda make fun of us! And deservedly too! The irony of it , no one asked the firefighters to join. We completely blanked out , all of us , on asking them.
Just saying, had we had duct taped cell phones!

How was the experience of working with FreqShop Studios?
What haven’t we said about Freq Shop yet!? Nothing but love and appreciation. We love working with them and urge anyone to book a session with those guys and if more convincing is needed , please check out their playlist on Spotify! If the catalog of music they’ve produced doesn’t do then I don’t know what will! and we can’t wait to work with em’ again!

Do you have any advice for anybody who is looking to discover their most authentic self?
Don’t worry or listen to socials, tv, anyone…. until one of those outlets or fine folks are willing to give you a spotlight!
Your music or art should be decided upon how you feel about it . If it’s honest to you and is what you want it to sound like …. that’s it. Get inspired and shut out the rest!

What can fans expect next from Vinyl Hero?
There are a couple of tour dates coming up in the fall across Ontario. We recently , along with Getting Lost , finished mixing & mastering the last song we had a batch with at the Freq Shop, called Nightmares we’re debating if that’s gonna be the next release or………. since last November , we started working on a new “short album ” – we hate the term EP – that has 3 brand new songs and 3 older songs that we had to figure out how to make new again.
It is entirely self produced( and it really sounds like it too) with Tibs( drums) at the console . We’re going to be starting to track vocals before and after our dates and will be having the Freq Shop as a consulting mixer and hopefully start dropping some of that goodness all over the place. It sounds the most like us as it could sound. So far , we’re really happy and excited about it. We’re eager to share and show it off and talk about it as well and I think we landed on a great concept about it. And of course …..the most important , getting into as many faces & ears and getting onto as many stages as possible in as many cities & towns as possible!

About Vinyl Hero

With influences drawing from Queens Of the Stone Age, Stone Temple Pilots, as well as Canadians Big Wreck, Montreal based powerful trio Vinyl Hero has not placed its cross-hairs on adhering to a particular sound or bandwagon. Ray Howard, (lead vocals/ lead guitar Mastermind/Batman) Tiburce Perlau, (drums/ back vocals Visual-Sound Production/Expert Craftsman) and Costa Siarlis (bass/ back vocals Social Media guru /Super Foodie) deliver heavy and gutsy rock riffing served alongside an unmistakable lead vocal!

No strangers to touring, Montrealer’s Vinyl Hero have been hard at work tilling the soil along the Quebec/Ontario’s 401; headlining theaters in Montreal like Club Soda, and playing important support slots to blues legends like Pat Travers, Stu Hamm and Alex Skolnik at the towering Le National Theater. They have been fan favorites at Mont Tremblant’s Blues Fest and by way of consistent, steady, touring has built a vibrant and reliable fan-base in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, Kitchener, as far away as Victoria B.C. and in numerous markets in their native Quebec. Vinyl Hero have graced Major Canadian Festival stages including Toronto’s Indie Week (3 years running) and Nappanee’s VoodooRockFest.

FM Radio spins include CHOM 97.7’s show Montreal ROCKS, and Oshawa’s the Rock 94.9 FM who have been ambassadors for the band in the greater Toronto area. Vinyl Hero was also nominated for Canada’s best independent Rock Video of 2018 by Dropout Entertainment and was named Montreal’s most popular vote for C B C Searchlight. Their E.P. ‘Seven Days On A Train’ was released to great acclaim “Glam stomping, bratty tear away, excellent musicianship, ragged glory and scarves trailing all over the script” (Steve Swift – PowerPlay magazine UK)(Pure Grain Audio) “They crunch about that gravel path of theirs like there is no tomorrow .” (RockmusicRaider, Newsflash).

Vultures and Ego tripWas recorded in Montreal’s #churchofrocknroll recording studio The Freq Shop. At the dials, producers Dave Traina and Derek Orsi, who are proven for helping artists wrung up their music scene.

Vinyl Hero’s sound can be best described as Deep, Honest, Powerful and True. Their ethos; to embody in music, humanity, living emotion and the organic nature characteristic of music during the vinyl era, all while delivering smart arrangements with impactful dynamics and deft akin to power trios such as Nirvana and The Tea Party.



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