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Alt/Grunge Trio Sunlust Release New Music Video For Magnum opus

Alt/Grunge Trio Sunlust Release New Music Video For Magnum opus

Today’s Song of The Day is Magnum Opus by Sunlust. If you’re into modern grunge, you’ll definitely want to check this out. Sunlust is a female-fronted alternative/grunge trio from Toronto, Comprised of Stephanie Woulfe on guitar and vocals, Dan Wiktor on drums and Stefano Signorile on bass. This is the outfit’s second ever single, following on from their debut single “Orange” last year.
 Precovid, they spent the last 2.5 years playing notable venues around the city, building their reputation as a tight and energetic live act, and making valuable connections within the local scene. In the absence of shows in 2020, they recorded their debut LP “Geek Confessions” with Lorne Hounsell (who engineered Fucked Up’s “David Comes to Life”, among other notable credits) and are independently releasing it in April 2021. True to the genre, this track releases a ton of energy, raw power and angst with a handful of chords, a vocalist and rhythm section. The band takes this grunge sound and mixes it with punk & garage rock tones to bring us two and a half minutes of music that I dare you to try not bobbing your head to! The band describes the song as being written in a bedroom in small-town Canada about unrequited love and was lovingly/jokingly named Magnum Opus because the verse is only 4 chords. They noted “The song really transformed into a stomping, whirling punk rock jam when it was brought into the studio, as structural changes as well as guitar/vocal effects brought the song new life.”

The video was created by singer and guitarist Stephanie using live footage of the band as well as some groovy found footage. It’s pace fits the song perfectly, blasting off right from the first note like the song, giving you a few seconds to relax during the bridge before sucking you back into the madness. It also features the band playing live at The Horseshoe Tavern in case you were starting to forget what that place looks like at this point. This is Magnum Opus by Sunlust of Dropout Radio’s Song of The Day.

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