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Hamilton’s Roslyn Witter Releases Heartbreak Lane

Hamilton’s Roslyn Witter Releases Heartbreak Lane

Everyone has that a**hole ex they can sing about, right? Hamilton’s Roslyn Witter is happily married but breakup songs are her favourite to write. Her latest release, “Heartbreak Lane,” came together on her first trip to Nashville.

When I walked into producer Dan Fernandez’s studio, he asked Patricia Conroy and I, ‘So what do we want to write about today? Something fun and upbeat? Or do we want to go down heartbreak lane?’
We looked at each other and knew that was it. We needed to write Heartbreak Lane.”

This song isn’t a sad breakup song, instead it’s very matter of fact. “I’m gonna dive right in, rip the bandaid off my skin and then delete your number off my phone and learn to be alone again.” The lyrics in this song express the narrative of someone who has been through a breakup in the past – someone who knows that the only way to get over someone is to give yourself space. Check out the self-empowering and bold new country-pop track below!

“It was really interesting to watch this song come together in such a short period of time. We entered this writing session with nothing, and left four hours later with a complete, produced track.

 Dan is an incredible musician, and was producing this track as we were writing it. As Patricia and I were discussing lyrics, he was recording pedal steel and banjo solos. For my first ‘Nashville’ writing experience, it was pretty incredible.

 My favourite lyric from this song is, “If you’re not here I must be in the right place.” When going through a breakup, NOTHING is more important than distance. When an ex lingers around, how are you supposed to get over them?

 I hope that you enjoy this song and that it gives you the boost you need to be gentle with yourself.” – Roslyn Witter



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