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Over There – Focus Your Audio (Interview + New Video)

Over There – Focus Your Audio (Interview + New Video)

Vancouver based duo Focus Your Audio have just released a beautiful and cinematic new music video for their song “Over There”. The single was streamed over 15,000 time in it’s first week, has been picked up by radio stations across the country and has received rave reviews from around the world, including here at home by Canadian legend Ron Sexmith. Take a listen for yourself, and you’ll see why people across the country are falling in love with this new track, which focuses on some of the complications of love. Sarah McArthur and Bobby McAloney’s writing style focuses heavily on the integrity of a song and that dedication to the music itself really shines through on this track.

Directed by Jonathan Fluevog, the son of iconic Canadian shoe mogul John Fluevog. Filmed in Ladner, BC, the video is a perfect compliment to the lyrics, melody, and overall meaning of the song. Sarah moves through the picturesque forest alone, as she performs the lyrics about a couple having trouble grasping how an argument allowed them to drift apart. With Bobby playing guitar and Sarah meeting him in the clearing amidst the sunset, the video for “Over There” perfectly captures the emotion and meaning of the song.

“Over There” is a song about a disagreement – a truthful peek into the lives of the couple who make music together. A vulnerable, honest, call out to a partner, Focus Your Audio both lyrically and sonically takes the listener through the unsaid aspects of a disagreement with music that matches the emotion of the song. The anthemic chorus, Sarah’s undeniable vocal and lyrical talent and Bobby’s musicianship all tie harmoniously together. As a quest to figure out how they got into the position they’re in and what they can do about it, the tune will resonate with all listeners who have ever had an argument and wondered why they got there and how they can fix it. 

We had the opportunity to ask Focus Your Audio a few questions about the new video and what they’ve got coming up next, click below to watch “Over There” and keep scrolling for our interview!

Interview with Focus Your Audio

“Over There” garnered over 15,000 streams in its first week, has been picked up by radio stations across the country and has received rave reviews from around the world, including here at home by Canadian legend Ron Sexmith. What did it feel like when you first started seeing how successful the song had become?

It was surreal to be honest, and we’re incredibly grateful and humbled by the response. We knew in pre-production with Mike that this was a special song and we couldn’t be happier by the response that it’s had, we’re truly appreciative and thankful to everyone who’s supported it.

Over There was produced by Canadian music powerhouse Mike Young (bassist – Mother Mother) and engineered by Karl Dicaire (Mother Mother, Iskwe, Big Wreck). How did you end working with this duo and how was the experience?

We met Karl during the recording of our single “Broken” in 2018 and absolutely loved working with him. With Mike we were introduced to him through Bobby’s good friend Johnny Andrews (Hey Ocean,Tegan and Sara) who drums on “Over There” when we went into The Warehouse to record our EP last year. Mike and Johnny played on the EP and we got along so great in the studio that we kept in touch and decided to start working together. He produced our last single “Shades” and after that we just wanted to keep creating with him. Working with both Mike and Karl is amazing, they’re both masters at what they do and they’re very inviting and calming and creative – it’s truly a wonderful experience.

The new single comes with a beautiful video shot in Ladner, BC. Can you tell us about the meaning behind the video? Do you have any good behind the scenes stories from the shoot?

It was important for the context of the video to match the lyric of the song. The mood is reinforced with the use of the lighting, darker and more muted tones. We wanted to represent two people going through their own reflection during a difficult time in their relationship and then coming together in the chorus to talk about it.

Behind the scenes…. Bobby pulled the director on a kid sized John Deere wagon to capture some interesting angles!!! We saw families on their weekend walks, walking through the shots waving and were so excited. Too many times we almost ran into trees trying not to look too much where we were going. Because we shot this in October it was freezing out!!! In-between takes we were throwing coats on and trying not to look too cold.


Asides for music, what have you been up to keep yourself busy over the course of this pandemic?

Both of us have been working through the pandemic, but we’ve been doing a lot more writing as our home lives are just staying home like everyone else, and that gives us time to write more and concentrate that much more on music.

Sarah, you were born in Ontario and lived in the Maritimes, but you guys are currently based in Vancouver. How different are the music scenes on each end of the country?

Living in rural New Brunswick vs Vancouver is quite different. In the east, I found music to be quite free in people’s lives. At gatherings of any kind you’d usually find a soul or two sharing their music and it be straight from the heart, singing family songs passed down in tradition. Here in Vancouver you tend to see the vibrancy more in pubs, and local venues, not as much with people sitting together & just gathering. Of course the ability to attend larger shows in Vancouver is incredible and to see so many indie artists having the opportunity to play for people here makes music much more accessible.

Bobby you started playing music at a young age and have played in an array of established bands. What sets Focus Your Audio apart from your past projects?

Focus is the project I’ve been waiting for my whole life. It’s such an easy process, me and Sarah are life partners as well as music partners and there’s something remarkable about being able to share this journey with your best friend and partner.

The two of you focus heavily on the integrity of a song. Why is this aspect so important to you?

From writing to recording, being able to share something that authentically resonates and connects with the listener is what it’s all about. We haven’t gone into making songs with the idea that it needed to sound a certain way or be something other than what and who we naturally are. Creating songs that have meaning and wholeness to them has been something we could never get away from.


What can fans expect next from Focus Your Audio?

We have already recorded our next single and fans can expect to hear it in the early new year. Recorded at the same time as “Over There” with the same team, we’re excited to be able to share it. Hopefully as things come under control with COVID-19, playing live shows and going on tour again will be first on our list!! We miss everyone!!


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