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Liam MacKenzie releases the epic instrumental metal track “Lost Civilization”

Liam MacKenzie releases the epic instrumental metal track “Lost Civilization”

Beginning with acoustic guitar riffery that feels like you are traveling through a melancholic desert on the edge of time itself, “Lost Civilization,” is an epic instrumental rock track by one Liam MacKenzie. The track eventually morphs into a heavy metal prog-rock odyssey with a flurry of lead guitar play, as the main melodic theme rings true. At the same time, images of floating ziggurats and a mysterious civilization lost to the woes of time appear in your mind.

Liam MacKenzie’s penchant for complex, yet memorable guitar riffs has this track burned in the back of your mind hours after your first listen. As a guitar teacher himself, MacKenzie’s goal is to inspire others to pick up an instrument for the first time.

“The main melody is in the Phrygian Dominant mode. I edited the acoustic guitars in the intro to sound more ambient, then adding some wind and a low drone gave a mystical element to the entire song.”

Artist Bio

Liam Mackenzie is a 27-year-old guitarist and audio engineer hailing from Montreal, Canada. His dream of performing his own music has been manifesting since the age of eight, when he was finally gifted a guitar and guitar lessons. Throughout the years of perfecting his craft, he has performed with several Canadian artists, such as Keisza and Nick Johnston. Liam devoted some time to studying the technical portion of producing an album and now has become a separate passion of his own. His restless pursuit has led him to release his sophomore album From A Time Ago.

From A Time Ago features works that demonstrate Liam’s interest in film scores, ambient and metal subgenera, technical growth on guitar, and his ongoing passion for songwriting. Liam is now writing music for his next album release.



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