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Interview with Director X at Collision Conference 2019

Interview with Director X at Collision Conference 2019

We got the chance to catch up with Canadian film and music video director and producer Director X at Collision Conference 2019 for a very profound conversation. He talked about “A Message To The Man That Shot Me”, Operation Prefrontal Cortex, mental health being represented in the music industry, how technology is changing our world, shared some inspirational advice for up and coming film makers and more. 

Director X is on a mission to bring meditation and mindfulness to the places that it’s needed most with the purpose of helping reduce the incidents of gun and mass violence in Toronto.  You can find out more about what his amazing program, Operation Prefrontal Cortex, does at To support his incredible cause and their mission you can also send donation via that link. Watch “Message To The Man That Shot Me” below to watch Director X’s Ted Talk in Toronto, the subject that Director X was discussing while at Collision Conference 2019. 



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