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Bill Welychka Book Tour @ Queen Books (Photoset)

Bill Welychka Book Tour @ Queen Books (Photoset)

Since first stepping in front of MuchMusic’s national cameras in 1992, Bill Welychka has become one of Canada’s most enduring, recognizable and respected television personalities. He has over 5,000 interviews under his belt (and counting!) – including film and TV stars, royalty, politicians, athletes and the planet’s biggest music legends.

He is renowned for his thoughtful interview style and his love and knowledge of a wide range of topics from pop-culture to politics. Bill is very respected among his peers and his arduous work has been rewarded by many exclusives and awards.

Bill Welychka has been hearing for decades “You should write a book!”

​And write a book he did! Part of a twelve city tour, Bill recently stopped in for a book signing at Queen Books in Toronto to promote that very book and I had the honour of capturing the night! The bookstore quickly became a hub for movers and shakers of the Canadian music industry, including Jake Gold  (the original manager of The Tragically Hip and from Canadian Idle judge Fame), Rob Baker guitarist of The Tragically Hip, Former MuchMusic program manager David Kines, and world renowned journalist Karen Bliss, Toronto’s Canadian correspondent for Billboard Mag and a music journalist with work appearing in Rolling Stone Mag, Polestar, Melody Maker, NME, Time Magazine and dozens more. It was a magical night in celebration of Bill’s incredible new book, check out the photos below!



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