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Montreal’s 110% Release New Single Bleached, Orange

Montreal’s 110% Release New Single Bleached, Orange

110% is a duo based in Montreal, Canada featuring third? and Sahm and they’ve just released their latest single Bleached, Orange. Childhood friends that spent their time gaming, watching anime and skating around discovering the city which created a bond that would transcend their real life and into their common interest; Music.

Pulling influences from their environment, their culture and heritage can be felt as it seeps into every aspect of their music from the genre to the lyrics. Through vibrant composition and a laissez-faire attitude, they promptly pull you away from somber thoughts and catapult you into a sunny patch of alternative hip-hop.

A warm sound wave emphasized by synths and 808 base gives us an energized take on their usual sound. As Sahm questions needless martyrdom and affirms his own perseverance, third takes the time to reflect on the ones who truly have his back.



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