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[Premiere] Vince’s Song – Chris Clute (New Music Video)

[Premiere] Vince’s Song – Chris Clute (New Music Video)

We are thrilled to premiere the new single and deeply emotional music video for “Vince’s Song” by Vacouver electronic pop artist Chris Clute with you today!

“Vince’s Song,” was written for the family of Clute’s lost friend, Vince. It is a ‘true story’ of a young man, slowly seduced by substances and consumed by addiction, who has disappeared into the streets of Vancouver’s dangerous downtown Eastside. Clute’s heartfelt music video actually takes viewers onto those same streets where Vince now likely languishes, his whereabouts still unknown. The song, produced by close friends Sal Verma and Peter Newieunberg from Sound of Kalima, is a message to Vince “to come home.”

I’ve seen a lot of music videos this year, but “Vince’s Song” pulled at my heartstrings in a way that no other video has in 2020. As many of us have, I’ve lost a friend or two over the years, and to hear Clute’s incredible voice sharing this moving message for his friend, is truly touching. Although this pandemic has affected all of us, Canada’s homeless population have been disproportionately affected and many of them left behind by our current system. Although this song’s beautiful message and call for hope is for Vince and his family, there are many more like him, struggling right now. For me, this song and video not only made me contemplate the feelings displayed through the lyrics, but made me want to reach out to the friends that are still in my life, because as cliche as it may sound, sometimes you truly don’t recognize the amazing things in your world that are right in front of you, until they’re gone. And this is what’s music’s about. It’s there to make you think, it’s there to make you feel something, and “Vince’s Song” certainly hits both those nails right on the head.

Working closely with Sound of Kalima, Clute’s high melancholic vocals weave in and out of these warm and stacked instrumentals to create large soundscapes for simple and relatable messages. From childhood to early adulthood, Clute writes from a variety of perspectives. “A lot of my early writing was very introspective, self reflection from my perspective…From my experience writing and creating with others, I’ve learned to write from different points of view. To tell the stories of those closest to me.”

Click above to watch the brand new music video for Vince’s Song! We also had the opportunity to ask Clute a few questions about the video, his songwriting, the pandemic, what he’s got coming up next and more, keep your eyes peeled for the interview coming this week!



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