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Author: Shannen Frost

Air Canada Centre’s 8 Hundred Million Dollar Name Change & Security Updates

With the fall/winter tour season coming up and the 2017-2018 hockey and basketball seasons upon us, fans are getting geared up to watch their beloved Maple Leafs and Raptors or favourite artists at the Air Canada Centre. But before you head to a game or concert at the renowned Canadian venue, you might want to check out their new security measures. The Air Canada Centre recently released their new security measures that are in effect as of September 1st. These new measures restrict the size of bags allowed into the venue and remove the in-and-out privileges fans are used to. According...

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Interview with Beverley Mahood

We had the chance to go backstage at Tin Pan North Songwriters Festival and have a chat with Canadian country icon and t.v host Beverly Mahood and talk about her new album, touring with acts like Kenny Rogers, her involvement in the community, her old band Lace and what she has planned for the future!   S: Alright, first off, what can you tell us about your newest album, the one that will be coming out? B: You know what, I think on each record as you age and as you get more experience and have more stories to share,...

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Why you sound like a God… In the shower – Sounds Like Science Vol. 2

Have you ever wondered why you sound like an opera god/goddess when you’re in the shower, but when you try to sing to your friends, they cover their ears? It all has to do with the acoustics in your bathroom (and a little bit of psychology). If your bathroom is like most bathrooms, it’s mostly hard surfaces. There’s tile, ceramic, marble, porcelain, etc. Hard surfaces like these ones are good at reflecting sound waves and bounce them around the room before they die out. This creates a reverberation effect and ultimately puts you in the middle of a resonance...

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Interview with Leah Daniels

Shannen: So the first question I’m going to ask you is how did your love for music come to be? What led you down this path, towards doing what you’re doing now? Leah: Well I grew up in a very musical family so I remember every family get together there was always music happening – a jam – there were always guitars out and accordions and spoons. I remember especially my Grandpa; he was kind of the leader of all the music and he’s a great singer and he’d have the guitar and harmonica going. I think just from a...

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Interview With Life Like Fire

I’m really intrigued by the influences you have posted on your facebook page. You list “probably alligators”, “Metallica when Dave Mustaine was still there”, and “taco cupcakes” as just a few of your many influences. What about each of these things really influences you? Lol nothing about any of those things are influencing, but if we needed to give you reasons alligators are pretty inspiring, it’s because they’re living dinosaurs and they have snappy teeth. Metallica without Dave Mustaine is not Metallica. We dunno what taco cupcakes are, but they sound dirty and would probably be tasty… dirty but...

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